How to Distribute Dolby Atmos® Music with AvidPlay

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It’s exciting to have worked so closely with Dolby on developing AvidPlay to be the first DIY music distribution service to support releasing Dolby Atmos Music.  We are now providing any artists, producers, and record labels the ability to easily self-distribute their music in Dolby Atmos to compatible streaming services such as Amazon Music HD or TIDAL HiFi.

With Dolby Atmos Music and AvidPlay, independent artists and record labels can now bring an immersive listening experiences to their fans, deliver unlimited singles and albums annually, and grow their fanbase while keeping 100 percent of their rights and earnings.


What you’ll need 

  • Install Avid Link
  • A Dolby Atmos® Unlimited AvidPlay subscription (Purchase here)
  • Stereo file(s) for the single/album
  • Dolby Atmos® ADM file(s) for the single/album
  • Album artwork (2000×2000 recommended)


Step 1: Setting up your new release

1. In Avid Link, access AvidPlay through the Products tab, or through “My Portfolio” in your profile

2. Click on New Release button in the top right corner

3. Choose the “Dolby Atmos® Unlimited” plan in the Subscription plan dropdown

4. Choose whether your release an Album or Single and select “Yes” under “Are you releasing Dolby Atmos® Music?”

5. Fill out the remaining information about your release. If releasing a single, in the field “Enter Single or Album Name” enter the same name as the file name of the track you are distributing.

Step 2: Upload Album Artwork

Step 3: Upload your stereo track(s)

1. Begin uploading all of your stereo tracks. Keep in mind that the stereo and Dolby Atmos ADM files need to have the same name

2. When uploading is complete, you can click and drag the tracks in the list to the desired order and play them back to make sure they sound okay

Step 4: Upload your Dolby Atmos® ADM files

1. Upload your ADM files and allow them to be processed. Please note, this can take several minutes to complete depending on the file size and internet connection

Step 5: Fill out the details for your track(s)

1. Enter the title for your track(s). Remember, if this is a single, it needs to be the same as the original Album/Single name from the Release Details tab

2. The Artist field refers to the artist who’s track you are releasing

3. You can select multiple genres from the genres drop down

4. You may add featured artists (if any)

5. We automatically supply the ISRC for each track. If you have your own ISRC you may use it, but otherwise you can just use the one provided.

6. Decide if you want your tracks to be available for streaming or purchasing. Please note, Dolby Atmos® tracks are only available to stream and cannot be downloaded via purchasing. However, if you select download from the ‘For’ section, your stereo file versions will be available for download and purchase.

7. Select the language of your track and indicate whether or not it contains explicit language via the Parental Advisory field

8. Choose whether you want it to be available as a single track or only available as a part of the full album

9. Add lyrics that you want to be displayed for streaming outlets who support lyrics for tracks

10.Press the preview button to set the preview you want listeners to hear who aren’t subscribed to the service they’re listening on or are previewing the track before purchasing

Set the artist as the participant on the track and list any other collaborators who should be accounted for. You can tag them with their specific roles and even adjust how much of the revenue they will receive which can be automatically divided up. This is also where you can enter yourself as a label if you’re are distributing for another artist.

Step 6: Choose the streaming outlets you want to distribute to

1. Currently, Amazon Music HD Unlimited and TIDAL HiFi are the only streaming outlets that support Dolby Atmos® Music. You can choose to distribute to both or choose one or the other.

2. Select Distribute to All Future Outlets if you would like your Dolby Atmos® track to be automatically distributed to streaming outlets that support the format in the future.

3. You may choose to distribute to all outlets, in which case only the stereo file will be sent to streaming outlets that do not support Dolby Atmos®

4. Press distribute and allow a few days for your tracks to become available on services.

Get started by purchasing your Dolby Atmos® Unlimited plan now

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