Exploring Field-to-Studio Broadcast Sports Production with Orad and Avid at IBC 2015

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If you’re attending IBC 2015 in Amsterdam, and work in sports production, then you won’t want to miss our special presentation Broadcast Sports Production and Beyond. We’ve had three per day since the show opened on September 11, and we have plenty more scheduled until the doors officially close this Tuesday.

With Orad now a part of Avid, the MediaCentral Platform has been extended to include what we’re calling the Studio Suite. With this integration, you can quickly edit and turn around engaging sports programming, build stronger brands with powerful on-air graphics and virtual sets, and keep up with 24/7 news cycles. And the best part—Orad’s solutions already work with Media Composer, iNEWS, MediaCentral | UX, and other systems across the MediaCentral Platform.

Our slow motion replay server PlayMaker on the Avid main stage at IBC 2015

We designed this presentation to give you a thorough overview of our solutions for live and studio sports productions, focusing on how the Studio Suite helps sports broadcasters to engage audiences by enhancing live programs.

So what will you learn during this quick 30-minute presentation? Let me give you a few hints to entice you to stop by in person.

Presenters Danny and Maya will first give you a breakdown on how PlayMaker simplifies the operator’s workflow using SmartEvents. For example, you can digitally tag every clip you make in an intuitive way with SmartEvents, and you can do it according to the clip’s content. Do you need to tag clips that show a specific player making 3-point-shots in a basketball game? No problem.

You’ll also discover how HDVG real-time graphics helps the production visually stand out, and how  Spark can help commentators visually analyze critical moves during a game in seconds.



And there’s more. We’ll also show you how our solutions are used in various aspects of a studio production, from graphics to augmented reality and real time editing.

Our TD Control easily manages multiple displays within a studio, all from a single user interface. The beauty of it is that all the visual elements are orchestrated by a single operator and a single TD Control, allowing our customers to produce the most advanced looking broadcast that exists today.

If that wasn’t enough, we’ll show you how to add some 3D graphic objects into your broadcast to create the illusion of being inside the studio. These are graphics created by our augmented reality tool. They keep track of all the small details we’d expect to see in 3D graphics including shadows, reflections, changing perspectives—all of these come together to make graphics look real.

RealSet augmented reality is the perfect illustration tool for broadcast sports

I could tell you more, like how Playmaker is used to capture highlights from different but simultaneous games, but you’ll have a better experience learning first-hand from our experts at the show.

What are you waiting for, look at the presentation times below and head over to the Avid main stage for our next Broadcast Sports Production showing—Hall 7, J20.

Sunday, September 13 at 9:45, 13:00, and 16:15

Monday, September 14 at 10:30, 13:45, and 17:00

Tuesday, September 15 at 11:15, 13:00


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