IBC 2016: Redefine On-Air Graphics with Avid Blend

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Live television is perhaps the most intense production environment there is. Not only are the production requirements demanding—the competition between channels and networks can be as fierce as well. In order to win ratings battles and gain the widest possible audience, broadcasters need powerful and integrated video solutions that increase production efficiency and reduce operational costs.

Avid Blend is a “channel in a box” solution can help today’s broadcasters address their most pressing workflow challenges, with high-performance video and graphics capabilities that simplify and streamline a wide range of channel management tasks.

Here are several key features that Blend offers:

Blend supports playback of all commonly used file formats and codecs, and clips are copied to local storage without disturbing your current playout. The frame-accurate system supports back-to-back clip playback, so you can cue multiple clips for playout.

Blend is a native 3D solution that offers real-time graphics playout and works with all commonly used graphic elements. Easily introduce smart logic to graphics without the need for scripting or programming. Insert live video inputs into the graphic scene for use as Digital Video Effects and video clips. A streamlined user interface delivers intuitive playout control and extensive playlist capabilities, and you can even create playlists offline using the standalone playlist mediator.

With Blend, you get peace of mind thanks to maximum performance and proven reliability. Video clips are stored on configured RAID disks that can be set as RAID protected. It also offers fully redundant protection with hot swappable power supplies, as well as mechanical and software bypass.


New at IBC: Create and introduce segments with Media Composer

If you have Media Composer, creating clip segments is now easier than ever. Using markers, simply create in and out points in any Media Composer sequence and tag them as a marker with its name. Introducing graphics is just as simple. Navigate to the frame where you want to include the graphic element and create a marker (which can include the template’s ID and its parameters) to represent the graphic. You can also now see the graphic element and position it in its frame precisely.

Save the sequence as an AAF, and all relevant information, such as metadata, will be saved without having to render and export the sequence as a clip. You can then schedule these segments by simply dragging and dropping them into a Blend playlist. The graphics introduced in Media Composer will automatically become a secondary event, with all segment and graphic metadata tied to the clip.

Robust Channel in a Box Solution

Blend channel in a box is a high-performance, cost-effective, file-based solution that addresses today’s broadcast workflow challenges.



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