IBC 2016: Reinventing the Newsroom with Avid

The digital revolution has drastically changed the way audiences access breaking news. Just a few years ago, television and physical newspapers were king. Today, it’s social media, mobile apps, websites and a wide range of multimedia platforms. This shift is pressuring newsrooms to extend their reach across a wide range of channels and devices. At the same time, competition for viewers is fierce—and production requirements are intense.

At IBC 2016, we unveiled a new story-centric workflow for modern newsroom management and news production that will help news organizations meet their biggest challenges. Built upon the Avid MediaCentral Platform, the Avid story-centric workflow includes multiple Avid solutions and new feature enhancements that provide news teams with the tools they need to extend their reach and deliver dynamic content to a wider audience—faster and in more ways than ever, as soon as a story breaks.

With the Avid story-centric workflow, the story is now the center of everything. Your news team can assign stories, write scripts, gather content, monitor social posts, edit footage, review packages, and then deliver content across a variety of platforms as the story evolves—including on-air, online, and on mobile devices. This not only allows audiences to receive up-to-the-minute information, they can also contribute to live broadcasts and respond to the story through social media interaction. News teams can move away from traditional rundown-driven workflows, and instead focus on the story as it evolves.

MediaCentral | UX


Media | Distribute

Social Media Hub

The story-centric workflow is made up of multiple Avid solutions, including MediaCentral | UX, iNEWS, Interplay | Production, Media | Distribute, Media Composer® | Cloud, Maestro, and Social Media Hub. MediaCentral | UX is the hub and catalyst in the story-centric workflow, so if you already have an iNEWS and/or Interplay | Production system, you can now manage every facet of a news story from a single user interface. Several new panes within MediaCentral | UX facilitate this workflow and integrate with other platform-connected solutions such as iNEWS and Interplay | Production. These panes will be released later this year.

To learn more, visit the Avid story-centric workflow or the Next-Generation Newsrooms blog series.

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