A Gigantic Leap in Sound and Speed is Now Just a Small Step Away With Pro Tools

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At IBC 2016, we unveiled several exciting new Pro Tools innovations that help you take a gigantic leap in sound quality, speed, and performance. Here’s a look at the highlights:


Introducing Pro Tools 12.6: The best audio editing just got better

New Pro Tools 12.6 software delivers powerful new editing capabilities that give you even more control over your editing workflow and enable you to mix faster and more fluidly than ever before.

Apply real-time effects to clips

With the new Clip Effects feature, you can apply real-time EQ and dynamics to a single clip or clip group on your timeline, enabling you to assign different settings across multiple clips on a track. (Pro Tools | HD only)


Single-system re-recorder workflows—in the box

With Pro Tools 12.6, you can achieve pristine, click-free sound by completing all single-system post re-recorder workflows “in the box”. The system calibrates and time aligns your stems, so there are no latency or audio artifacts when you punch in and out or switch tracks. (Pro Tools | HDX only)


Edit layers of audio more easily

A new multi-layer editing mode makes it easier than ever to handle overlapping clips. Quickly clear overlaps, heal clips, trim starts and ends, and get faster access across multiple playlists with new key commands.


Edit playlists more easily

It’s now easier than ever to access and manage all of your playlists in Pro Tools. Quickly switch between playlists with new key commands. Easily scan and verify if there are multiple playlists on any given track with new visual indicators. And automatically send overlapped clips to new or existing playlists.


Easily adjust fades in real-time

With Pro Tools 12.6, you can quickly adjust a fade in, fade out, or the shape of a crossfade directly in the Edit window using the Smart Tool—with real-time waveform updates.


Pro Tools 12.6 also includes new Task Manager and Freeze status icons in the edit window, stability improvements, and more.

Introducing standalone Pro Tools | HD software

New standalone purchasing options for Pro Tools | HD software make it more affordable and flexible than ever to get your hands on the industry’s premier recording, editing, and mixing toolset. You can now purchase a perpetual license of Pro Tools | HD software and create, edit, and mix anywhere—or subscribe on a low-cost annual basis and use the software only when you need it. The choice is yours.

Reduced Pricing and Options for Pro Tools | HD—Get your tools, your way

For audio professionals that need guaranteed performance, extremely low latency, and the ability to work with massive channel counts, there’s never been a better time to buy Pro Tools | HDX or HD Native. We’ve lowered the pricing on HDX and HD Native hardware, so you can experience the highest performance of any host-based audio workstation—at a price that fits your budget.

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