Introducing Social Media Hub 3.0 — A Direct Line to Your Audience

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From connecting with friends and sharing our experiences, to getting breaking news in the palm of our hands, social media touches almost every aspect of our lives. We quickly share the content that matters to us on Facebook. We search Twitter for relevant hashtags to see videos and pictures from people on the scene of unfolding stories. And we spend hours on YouTube watching related videos on a single topic.

Have you read an interesting article in a major news publication lately? Seen a funny video? Wanted to raise awareness about a breaking news story? With a single tap, we can share with thousands—maybe millions—of people.

For news broadcasters, this is an incredibly exciting time. There are more users consuming more stories on more platforms than ever before. In fact, at least one in three users get their news on social media sites. And half of social media users share and discuss news stories in the form of pictures, videos, and articles. One in ten actually report from the scene. That’s a huge part of our population participating in the news. And an enormous audience for your carefully crafted news stories.

We created Social Media Hub to help news production teams incorporate social media content into their broadcast, and to quickly share their stories on social media platforms. For successful journalists, it’s an essential part of covering the news.

With Social Media Hub, you can automate the collection of user-generated and shared content. Easily search and filter through thousands posts from every major platform to find perfectly relevant information to support your story. Produce social content with rich graphics, and integrate with your programming. Then automatically publish your content to social media sites in parallel with your on-air broadcasts.

As stories unfold, interact directly with your audience via social media channels. You can share their reactions, and truly capture every angle of a story in real time. All from a single, easy-to-use interface.

We’re excited to announce that the latest version of Social Media Hub is now available. With Social Media Hub 3.0 we’ve added native integration with MediaCentral | UX. So broadcasters who use or are moving to an Avid production environment can tell the whole story from a unified platform that’s easily scalable and cloud-friendly. Here’s how Social Media Hub 3.0 can bring social media to your existing workflow:


• Bring social media to your existing environment with the new Social Media Hub pane in MediaCentral | UX

• Increase viewership by sharing with users across multiple social networks

• Achieve better engagement with your audience across social media channels


Social media defines us in so many ways. By the news we share. By the discussions we engage in. And by the stories we discover. Bring Social Media Hub to your broadcast workflow today, and start sharing with your audience in a new meaningful way.


Introducing Social Media Hub 3.0

Connect with your audience faster than ever with Social Media Hub 3.0, now featuring native integration with MediaCentral | UX.


As Senior Solution Marketing Manager for Broadcast at Avid, I am proud to bring captivating sports and graphic solutions to the broadcast market.