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As the storage product manager here at Avid, I have had requests from customers, sales people, partners and resellers again and again for a smaller ISIS. Well here it is, the ISIS | 1000. The new Avid shared storage that makes the power and reliability of the ISIS File System affordable to everyone. This project has been in the pipeline for months and it’s great to let everyone know what we’ve been up to.

Creative teams of all sizes have many of the same demands as our larger customers, including where to store the ever-increasing quantity of media while sharing media without having to connect and disconnect local drives or copy media to multiple systems.

ISIS and its predecessor Unity solved these needs many years ago; now we’re making these capabilities available to everyone. Not only have we scaled the storage to meet the needs of smaller teams, we’ve also scaled the price to meet everyone’s budget.

We’ve also worked long and hard with our partners to support the leading creative tools in the industry including Adobe Premiere Pro CC, Apple Final Cut Pro along with Avid’s own Media Composer and Pro Tools. Adobe and Avid recently announced their collaboration that significantly increased the performance of Adobe Premiere Pro CC on ISIS storage. The ISIS | 1000 also benefits from these enhancements to deliver blazing performance.

“The new Avid shared storage makes the power and reliability of the ISIS File System affordable to everyone.”

ISIS | 1000 delivers shared access to multiple users over simple and easy Ethernet connections. The Storage Engine connects to inexpensive NETGEAR and Dell Networking switches using a 10GbE connection and providing either 1 or 10GbE connections to clients. Network switching costs are a concern I hear frequently, and we are happy to now have affordable solutions that you can buy from your local preferred vendor or us.

Can you afford to miss that deadline to deliver that really cool project to your customer? To make sure you aren’t faced with this question, we use dual-disk protection allowing your team to work even if two hard drives fail.

ISIS | 1000 delivers predictable playback to multiple editors. ISIS has unique technology to ensure that one editor does not affect the playback of another editor working off of the same shared storage system. A single ISIS | 1000 can deliver 36 streams of XDCAM-50, 5 streams of REDCODE 5K 8:1, 2 streams of ProRES 422 HQ 4K, 2 streams of F55 raw 4K, 30 streams of DNxHR LB or 3 streams of DNxHR 444.

Adding ISIS | 1000 engines is easy and provides additional storage AND bandwidth to deliver more streams. Using four ISIS |1000 engines, all the above stream counts increase by 4x empowering more creativity and faster turnaround. With ISIS | 1000, you can take on more work, turn projects around faster and reliably beat your deadlines.

I’m proud to be part of the team that brought you this new “Mini-ISIS.” I hope and trust it will empower you to deliver more, deliver faster and work smarter. I’d love to hear how ISIS | 1000 can accelerate your workflow; send me a tweet @EdHarperAvid

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Ed is a senior Product Manager in the Avid NEXIS collaborative storage solutions group, committed to designing, developing and delivering compelling solutions for the Media and Entertainment Industry.