Kris Siegers Chooses AvidPlay to Distribute his Music to Streaming Services Worldwide

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When I first saw that Avid was entering the digital distribution market, I wondered what they could possibly bring to the table that was not already available with other similar companies that offer the same service.

I had been busy with my company Space Cabin Audio making drum expansion libraries for Platinum Samples drum virtual instrument Accent and in late 2019 I had finally had some time to write and release music again.  That is when the hunt for a distributor started.  I checked out all of them and decided that I would use AvidPlay.

I already had Avid Link installed with my Pro Tools subscription so I didn’t have to create another account, remember another password, or deal with a company that I had not dealt with in the past.  The price was also a major factor.  Other companies charge a lot more per year and if you need to make any changes with your release you have to email them and then wait for changes.  The other companies also leave monetization splits up to the artist.

With AvidPlay you are in complete control of every aspect of your release, from monetization splits, artwork, and even changing the data after release if you want.

Using AvidPlay was the most intuitive, well thought out release process I have ever used for digital distribution.  Here are the basic steps it took to release a track.  The entire process was completed in less than 15 minutes and my song was available the next day on most major streaming platforms.


Step 1

Go to the Avid Webstore and purchase an AvidPlay plan.  At first, I chose a single release, but as I plan to release more, I was simply able to update to the unlimited plan directly inside of Avid Link.


Step 2

Download and install Avid Link if you are not on a current Pro Tools Subscription, or if you are on a current subscription, simply open Avid Link.


Step 3

Log in to Avid Link with the same credentials as you use on the Avid website.  If you use Pro Tools, you already have this info, if you don’t use Pro Tools you will make an Avid Account when you purchase the AvidPlay subscription.


Step 4

Choose the Products tab on the left side of Avid Link, locate the AvidPlay product, then click the Dashboard button.

Step 5

Click the New Release button on the top right.

Step 6

Enter all the relevant information on the product details tab.  In this example, I am using the default AvidPlay label, but feel free to put your label here if you have one.  Pick your release date if you plan on releasing the song or album on a specific date.  Fill in the song name, artist name, then click Save and Next.

Step 7

Next add your artwork.  This is one of my favorite parts of AvidPlay.  All of the info you need is displayed easily and concisely.  So many artists these days wear every hat in the project.  From producer/engineer, promoter, and yes, even graphic designer.  This page lets you know everything you need to do.  From file type to pixel size.  Drag your artwork in and let it upload. I use both Photoshop and Affinity Pro for this purpose, but you can use any program you want as long as it lets you set the size to 4000 x 4000 pixels and save it to a supported format.  So simple. Then click save and next.

Step 8

Drag and drop your audio file onto the window and wait for it to upload.  I suggest uploading the suggested 16 bit 44.1kHz audio file, but you are allowed to use other audio file formats if you choose.  They suggest to name the audio file as you want it to appear, but you can change that after upload if you wish.  Once the file is uploaded, preview it inside of the app to make sure it plays correctly.  Often times we get in a rush and forget this final critical step only to notice something later.  Either way, even if you do, you can change this audio file at any time inside of the AvidPlay app.

Step 9

The track details tab.  Fill in all relevant info and then click Save or Save and Distribute.

I have included an image from the first track I released with AvidPlay as an example of what is in this tab.

As you can see in the image below this is very well thought out.  You can add the lyrics, set up payment splits, put in performing rights info, add credits for everyone involved, the genre, and pretty much anything else that needs to be done.  This step is what really sold me on using AvidPlay as a way to release my music.

If you are like me and play every single role in your project, then AvidPlay is most likely for you.  In nine simple steps, you are able to have your music available quickly on most streaming platforms.  Since Avid is adding more platforms all the time your music will automatically go to them as long as you choose to add new platforms by default.

Distribute music with AvidPlay

Distribute your music on Spotify, Apple Music, Anghami, and dozens of other major streaming services around the world. Plus, keep 100% of your rights and earnings.

Kris Siegers is a professional recording engineer and a Pro Tools educator for over 10 years. With almost 18 years in the industry, Siegers has worked on projects for companies such as Disney Technology, Universal Music, Universal Films, Lions Gate Films, Hallmark, 604 Records, and many more. Recently, Siegers opened Space Cabin Audio, a progressive music software company created for the sole purpose of raising the expectations in the virtual instrument industry.