Krotos Igniter: the New Industry-standard Vehicle and Engine Sound Design Solution

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Designing, editing or recording realistic or futuristic vehicle and engine sound effects can be one of the most exciting projects to work on – but also a hugely complex and challenging process, especially when time and budget aren’t on your side. At Krotos, we realised there wasn’t a vehicle sound effects tool available that lets you design, perform and automate anything from sports cars, motorbikes, planes, helicopters or spacecrafts; as well as textures, moving ambiences, skids, honks, sweeteners and Foley.

Like with the rest of the Krotos product line, we wanted to offer sound designers a unique solution that will allow them to work as flexibly, efficiently and creatively as possible. So, with this in mind, we embarked on a 9-month mission to create Igniter – a complete system that brings a dynamic and performable approach to vehicle sound design for the first time.

“Igniter is a game-changer! I’ve been waiting for something like this for years!”

—Joseph Fraioli (Kin, Dirty Lies, the Storming, Refuge)

Igniter consists of four advanced sound engines – Granular, Synth, One Shot Engine and Loop – which when hybridised together provide a multitude of approaches to adding and binding layers to build vehicle sound directly in Pro Tools in a fast, tactile and creative way. With 100s of out-of-the-box library vehicle recordings available in the plugin, there are endless combinations to work from, tweak, and layer together to custom design pretty much any type of vehicle imaginable. These vehicles can then be controlled and emulated to fit an enormous array of different environments.

Not only has Igniter changed the vehicle sound design game, but the plugin’s huge range of features – such as the One Shot and Loop systems – mean that it is also able to lend itself incredibly well to functionalities beyond vehicles and engines. It’s an exciting tool to experiment and work with in a performable and dynamic way – it’s been great hearing how our users are working with Igniter in ways that we hadn’t even discovered ourselves.

Available to purchase now for $599 from the Avid Marketplace.

Krotos Igniter Specs

  • Design, perform and automate real-world or sci-fi vehicles directly in your DAW
  • Over 20 performable vehicles and a huge variety of presets
  • Over 75GB of additional downloadable library content
  • Design complex engine behaviour and response for audio post or game audio
  • Integrated granular, loop, synth and one-shot playback system
  • Powerful drag-and-drop modulator system for dynamic, real-time performance of 600+ parameters
  • In-built assignable LFOs and Hybrid Modulators
  • Easily design detailed, non-linear behaviour for vehicle designs
  • 10 in-built FX per module
  • Performable Doppler, Panning and Reverb (with a collection of impulse responses).
  • Powerful one-shot triggering system for adding skids, sweeteners and more
  • Single master controller
  • Automatic or Manual gearbox configurations
  • Stereo or 12 channel output; route the output of each module to any track on your DAW
  • Dedicated FX bus for parallel processing
  • File browser with drag-and-drop from our factory library or your local/external drives


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