Leapwing’s DynOne AAX Plugin Offers a Different Perspective on Compression

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At Leapwing, we’re here to take you on a parallel compression journey with DynOne, the ultimate parallel smart multi-band dynamics compressor. First, a few compression and dynamics basics, then we will show you how DynOne can be used to enhance your music with precision dynamics to set it apart.

DynOne 3 fully open, inserted on a Pro Tools track

Downwards Compression

One of the most common forms of compression is downwards compression, designed to control the peaks of your audio. The compression is achieved by lowering loud sounds above a certain threshold while leaving the quiet sounds unaffected, reducing the dynamic range of an audio signal. In essence, it makes the loud signals quieter. A limiter is an extreme type of downward compression. These compressors can also give character to your program material. Classic compressors have contributed a unique sound and have been used to distinguish countless recordings.


Parallel Compression

Parallel compression reduces the dynamic range of an audio signal but does it in a different way. Where downward compressors work by reducing the peaks in the program material, parallel compression, is designed to act as a form of upward compression. Reducing the dynamic range of an audio signal is achieved by mixing an unprocessed ‘dry’ signal with a heavily compressed version of the same signal. Rather than lowering the highest peaks, it reduces the dynamic range by raising the softer sounds, adding audible detail. In essence, it brings up the quieter parts of a signal while retaining its transients.

Robin Reumers (author) is Director of Product Development at Leapwing

Dynamic Processing with DynOne

DynOne was conceived with the idea of creating the most natural and transparent sounding dynamics processor, which allows you to raise low-level details in your recorded material while being able to change the timbre or tonality subsequently. Later on, it ended up being used in many other applications. One of the unique features of DynOne is that it consists of variable attack and release times. This provides more control over how the attack and release curves behave, playing a significant role in the overall sound of the compressor. However, since DynOne uses the Crest Factor, which indicates the ratio between average and peak level, the attack and release times are not constant. Where fixed times make the compression more audible to the human ear, the variations based on the Crest Factor makes DynOne sound much more transparent than most other compressors.


Tonalization with Multi-band

Tonalization refers to changing the timbre or tonality of your program material. During mixing the engineer might want to make the sound a bit brighter, more in-your-face, darker or even less exciting. This is where multi-band parallel compression does the trick for you, by blending the program material with a compressed version and giving level control up to 5 bands. Add high-frequency band gain to get more top-end or get more body by adding some of the low-mid frequency band gains.

Maria Elisa Ayerbe shows off DynOne 3 in her tutorial videos on the Leapwing Audio YouTube channel

Multi-band parallel compression can be a vital tool when used correctly. Fortunately, Pro Tools has a very intuitive interface that allows you to add one or more DynOne plugins into any session. The new DynOne 3 boasts major enhancements.  First, our crossover filters have been custom designed to interact with each other, in order to avoid phase alignment issues between bands, something you do have with traditional multi-band compressors. In DynOne 3 we even made them variable so you can tweak them fully.  Another key feature is adaptive attack/release timing.  we felt that having traditional attack and release times didn’t really give you the best sounding result. When you’re working with transients vs sustained sounds, you often want to have different attack and release times. This is why we use min and max attack/release times.

DynOne 3 offers an easy-to-use and intuitive GUI.  We aim to build plugins that sound good from the moment you start using them, not having to waste precious creative time. We spent countless hours of R&D time to look at the best ways of visualizing all the bands so you can tweak everything intuitively.    We want you to check out DynOne 3 and our other offerings on Avid Marketplace and use them to deliver some of your best audio yet!



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Robin is Director of Product Development at Leapwing. He has a background in audio engineering, mixing and mastering. Having worked as a CTO for one of the largest studios (Galaxy Studios) in Europe, he was heavily involved in the development of a new immersive (3D) audio format. In 2019, he was nominated as mixing & mastering engineer for a Latin Grammy in 4 categories, including 2 Album of the year nominations