M6 — Delivering Cutting-Edge On-Air Graphics With Avid

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M6 is part of the RTL Group and the youngest major broadcaster in France, with a mission to challenge its competitors. Technology and innovation are part of the DNA of the channel and, as an Avid customer for more than 20 years, M6 has constantly embraced technological advances to realize its creative ambitions.

Avid systems can be found throughout M6, and the integration between the systems has greatly increased M6’s efficiency and speed to air – crucial for a news broadcaster.

Avid solutions have helped M6 meet some major challenges over the years, such as cost-effective archiving with Interplay MAM and Interplay PAM, and creating a new studio in a small space with Avid Graphics solutions providing sophisticated virtual sets and graphics. As it faces new challenges, such as the growth of 4K, Video over IP and virtualised technology, M6 has a reliable partner in Avid to help the broadcaster achieve its goals.

Watch how M6 has embraced Avid Studio Suite including augmented reality, newsroom innovations and effective media asset management to maintain its competitive edge.

Avid Studio Suite

Avid Studio Suite provides comprehensive tools to create and enhance in-studio presentations, virtual studio environments and viewer experience.


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