New Horizons in Powering Real-time Graphics Production

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Seeing is believing. That’s why great storytellers know the most impactful way to engage their audiences is with stunning graphics. They provide the visual reinforcement vital to capturing and captivating a viewer’s attention. Stunning images in virtual settings, augmented reality elements, on-air graphics and more require broadcasters to stay ahead of the technology. Workflows for tomorrow, need to be future-proofed today.

The new Avid Maestro | Engine is Avid’s next gen scalable graphics and video rendering platform created with future technologies in mind. It turbocharges your production workflow with real-time rendering for broadcast graphics, virtual studios, augmented reality, squeezebacks & data-driven graphics, and video wall content.


Future-proof your graphics production

Maestro | Engine was designed to grow with you as your technologies and workflows evolve. Currently, the Maestro | Engine platform supports SD, HD, and UHD formats, with HDR capabilities coming soon. Field changeable interface boards enables migration from SDI to IP, whenever you’re ready. Integration into your current workflows is simple because Maestro | Engine offers backwards compatibility for your existing content. Built for today’s and tomorrow’s broadcast needs, Maestro | Engine ensures a high return on your investment.


Create with unparalleled realism

Avid is pioneering a new generation of photo-realist virtual environments with Maestro | Engine 4K. Working with Epic’s Unreal Engine, it elevates your virtual set productions to truly cinematic levels. All virtual studio elements are rendered using Unreal Engine, while simultaneously overlaying data-driven augmented reality graphics with Maestro | RenderEngine. The result is virtual environments with astonishing levels of realism, depth and detail.

Produce stunning content in all resolutions

Maestro | Engine provides advanced graphics rendering in the highest possible quality SD, HD and UHD formats. Working with Maestro | RenderEngine software, content can be driven to multiple canvases, scale content up or down, and crop it to preview large scale video walls with a single feed.


Integrate video playback into your graphic presentations

Empower your design teams to create background elements or textures mapped onto scene objects by adding video clips. Maestro | Engine can play back video on its local drive, Avid NEXIS, or other storage devices. This empowers your team to quickly turnaround video elements and incorporate them into graphics enhancements.

Scale for your needs

Two hardware configurations make Maestro | Engine scalable for any production need. With up to eight video insertions and up to four outputs, including fill and key, Maestro | Engine handles most standard CG needs and dual channel productions. For higher resolution demands, Maestro | Engine 4K offers up to 16 video insertions and up to eight outputs. For UHD production, four fill and four key outputs are available.


Manage your graphics from anywhere, with any device

A web-based interface for all systems management enables your team to manage and configure settings from any computer or device on your network, from anywhere with internet access. Make changes to user access rights, video formats, genlock sources, input and output mapping, and other settings right from your desktop in the studio, or your tablet in the field.


Protect your productions

Reliable workflows are crucial for 24/7 enterprises. Maestro | Engine features dual power supplies, dual network interfaces, and software and hardware watchdogs to ensure your production is not interrupted by any systems going offline. You can even create your own live back-up to on-air systems using the Maestro graphics suite application to control multiple Maestro | Engines.

As the pace of production accelerates, the need for real-time graphic support is becoming the rule, not the exception. Avid Maestro | Engine and Maestro | Engine 4K answers that need with real-time production and performance, scaled specifically for your workflow to grow for the future.

Maestro Graphics

Make your broadcast come alive with graphics that explain, enhance, and enliven your content. The Maestro graphics suite helps broadcasters strengthen their brand with stunning 2D and 3D graphics. 

As Senior Solution Marketing Manager for Broadcast at Avid, I am proud to bring captivating sports and graphic solutions to the broadcast market.