Making The Cut: Nathan Nugent Talks Avid Editing and the Challenge of Cutting “Room”

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Avid sponsored the annual ACE EditFest in London this summer and had the chance to sit down with a must-see panel of talented editors. Our new Making The Cut blog series features award–winning editors discussing their craft, their workflows, creative processes and upcoming projects in an exclusive and intimate setting.


The eagerly anticipated adaptation of Emma Donoghue’s award-winning novel about captivity, Room has also become one of the most acclaimed films of recent years. Its editor was Nathan Nugent, who recalls that Avid Media Composer proved to be advantageous during both the 10 weeks of filming and the subsequent post-production period.

“On Media Composer we used multi-camera all the time,” he says. “We were always aware of there being another option on every shot that we used, and we cut on set for the entire period.”

Maintaining a sense of the passage of time proved to be one of the greatest challenges as the Room team progressed from a 3.5 hr first cut to the final version, which runs for 1hr 50 mins. “Once you make the first cut into those 3.5 hours, you actually feel propelled to keep cutting, to keep titling, and to keep making it what it should be,” he notes.

Nugent retains a fondness for the Script Sync tool that he still uses in an older version of Media Composer, but highlights the Avid platform’s ongoing evolution and the fact that “it’s still fundamentally” about storytelling. He adds: “Avid has always been about editing first and foremost, and that’s something that I’ve certainly appreciated over time. It’s clearly been the software that’s transformed post-production in the last two decades.”

“Avid has always been about editing first and foremost.”

—Nathan Nugent, editor of “Room”

A big thank you to the team at American Cinema Editors who helped organize the interview at this year’s EditFest London.

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