Making The Cut: Pietro Scalia, ACE — Learning From a Master

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Wow. Now that’s an impressive CV: two Oscar® wins and two nominations, two BAFTA wins and three nominations, more awards and nominations too numerous to mention — and the likes of Gladiator, JFK, Good Will Hunting, Black Hawk Down, Alien: Covenant and the upcoming Han Solo Star Wars Story on his list of credits. This is someone we should listen to.

Actually, Pietro Scalia, ACE has some very down-to-earth advice for editors. He points out that editors are human, and will therefore bring their own history and world views to the material; the trick is to identify and recognise those personal reactions and work from there.

Pietro also talks about the intimate relationship between a director and editor, and the relationship between these protagonists and the film itself, which will stretch from pre-production to delivery. And it turns out that even Oscar winners struggle against the clock, as he cites his biggest challenge as time — having enough time to work through all the available material, and being able to meet deadlines.

“Editing is transforming something artificial into something real.”

—Pietro Scalia, ACE, editor Gladiator, Good Will Hunting, Black Hawk Down

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