Making the Cut: Sarah Reimers Talks Her Love for Editing and Avid Media Composer

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Avid sponsored the annual ACE EditFest in London this summer and had the chance to sit down with a must-see panel of talented editors. Our new Making The Cut blog series features award–winning editors discussing their craft, their workflows, creative processes and upcoming projects in an exclusive and intimate setting.


With credits including Brave, Finding Dory and the recent, charming Pixar short Piper, Sarah Reimers is now firmly established in the leading ranks of animation editing talent. But it was her experiences in film school — and the phenomenal levels of interest by her peers in directing — that encouraged her to pursue editing.

“I’d already sort of fallen in love with editing through some of my school projects, so when they said who wants to be an editor and my hand was the only one that went up, I thought oh good! Then I won’t be competing against everyone in the world and I love this [anyway].”

As she observes, editing animation is “a different animal” that leads to greater involvement in the development of the story. “I enjoy the flexibility that animation allows me in terms of really trying different things – hey, let’s rewrite this script, let’s rewrite this scene, let’s redraw it, let’s try different camera angles, let’s throw the whole thing out and start over again! It can be really experimental and really fun.”

Media Composer is Reimers’ editing platform of choice both for its intrinsic quality and its popularity across the industry. Besides it “being a wonderful tool and something I can count on, most of the jobs I have been on have used it. There is a continuity to it where I can count on it […] I personally appreciate the continuality that Avid has had over my entire career,” she adds. “Avid has been sort of the benchmark and the one I can count on to be there.”

Timeline of animation short film 'Piper'

“There is a continuality to working on Media Composer that I can count on.”

—Sarah Reimers, editor of “Finding Dory”

A big thank you to the team at American Cinema Editors who helped organize the interview at this year’s EditFest London.

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