Making The Cut: Caroline Bleakley — Trust Your Instincts

By in Making The Cut, Video Editing

Caroline Bleakley’s CV reads like a list of the best loved long-running series on British television – she has worked on everything from Grange Hill and Eastenders to Monarch of the Glen, Holby City and Midsomer Murders.

This has given her many invaluable skillsets, including how to edit crime drama without giving away ‘whodunnit’ and how to fit in as the new editor on a well-established show and still bring your own ideas to the table.

Here, Caroline talks about her instincts about when to cut and how she is often drawn to a first take where an actor is most intuitive about a line. She also talks about time – the challenge of TV schedules which often means little time for reshoots, and the importance of stepping back from an edit, taking a breath and reviewing your decisions.

“The big thing to learn as an editor is to trust your instincts — that’s what makes you you, they are what you bring individually to that role.”

—Caroline Bleakley, editor Holby City, Midsomer Murders

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