Making The Cut: Chris King, ACE — The Power Of a Simple Cut

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Chris King, ACE says that he “fell into documentaries” – and has since played a key role in bringing to the screen many of the most successful, engaging and moving documentaries in recent years, including Senna, Amy and Exit Through The Giftshop.

His ‘eureka’ moment was having the opportunity to work on a documentary about the Cannes film festival, during which he realised that while there had to be a narrative, the story could really go anywhere – and the editor could take it in any direction.

Chris discusses how the concept of Exit Through The Giftshop started as a film about street art, but he and the director quickly realised that the real story lay with the artist who had shot the footage of Banksy and the street artists over ten years. This organic approach also helped to keep a fluid view of the shape of the film, as events occurred during the editing process that could then be incorporated into the story.

He also advises aspiring documentary editors to not just to emulate other popular styles but to ‘find their voice’ – and to never forget the power of a simple cut.

“With documentaries, there are no rules – you can make your own grammar up each time you begin.”

—Chris King, ACE, editor Senna, Amy, Exit Through The Gift Shop

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