Making the Cut: Edie Ichioka, ACE – Explore the Possibilities

With broad experience in both live action and animation, Edie Ichioka knows that all editors must serve the story and do their best to execute the director’s vision. From her editorial assistant job in 1990 on The Godfather: Part III, to her work on Toy Story 2 and The BoxTrolls, her experience has taught her that collaboration is the key to good editing.

In this video, Edie details her process for animated films, including two rounds of editing that occur in pre-production. The first is a cut of the storyboard to verify the narrative, and the second occurs at the pre-vis (pre-visualization) stage when stills of the scenes are initially staged and blocked. This is where she uses Avid editing tools extensively to explore a variety of creative options.

Edie describes how being able to resize, paint out, and comp shots together is very freeing, allowing her to offer alternative ways of thinking about a scene and better collaborate and creatively explore alongside the director.

You used to physically have to cut celluloid and tape it together, and damage it every time you wanted to try out an idea. And now you can make copies and try out things … just to see what works.

—Edie Ichioka, ACE, editor, The BoxTrolls, Toy Story 2

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