Making The Cut: Jake Roberts, ACE — The Joy of Discovery

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Jake Roberts, ACE has worked on some of the most acclaimed film dramas of recent years, such as Brooklyn, Starred Up and Hell or High Water, for which he received seven award nominations including an Oscar® nomination.

Here, Jake discusses the creative process on Brooklyn and the importance of being the one person in the creative process who hadn’t read the source novel, thereby bringing a fresh perspective to the film version.

While Jake is a longtime Avid user – who has become so familiar with his tool set that he likens it to ‘tying his shoelaces’ – he also continues to find new elements and functions that have extended his skillset and allowed him to manipulate footage in ways that were not previously possible.

“Every film has its own agenda. Sometimes empathy is the primary agenda and sometimes it’s action or set pieces… but it’s the same internal process [for editing], really what you’re trying to do is put yourself in the shoes of the audience.”

—Jake Roberts, ACE, editor The Hitman’s Bodyguard, Brooklyn

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