Making the Cut: Sim Evans-Jones Talks Editing Shrek With Media Composer

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Avid sponsored the annual ACE EditFest in London this summer and had the chance to sit down with a must-see panel of talented editors. Our new Making The Cut blog series features award–winning editors discussing their craft, their workflows, creative processes and upcoming projects in an exclusive and intimate setting.


Sim Evans-Jones, ACE, commenced his higher-level training with a Communications Degree that exposed him to a variety of film-related practical disciplines, but as he recalls it was “the editing that clicked with me”.

He soon became aware that pursuing editing meant he could be a “problem-solver” but without the need “to interact with actors, crew, rain, locations, sets and costumes! I have always been fascinated with TV, and analysing TV and movies, and editing seemed to be the thing that best suited my slightly introverted point of view.”

With credits on titles including Shrek and Shaun the Sheep Movie, animation has proven to be particularly pivotal to Evans-Jones, who highlights the fact that everything is “storyboarded before it is shot, so you get to see the whole movie before you start it”.

Animation is also uniquely collaborative – hence Avid’s Media Composer has long been an integral element of his workflow. “You have to have the process broken up into distinct phases and have multiple workstations working on the same project at the same time – and that has consistently been Avid’s strength. You can share the work out; be importing whilst you are editing; make reels that are relevant to the sound department; export stuff that is relevant to the floor when you are in production… There is a very clear progress from rough cut to fine cut through Avid.”

“With Avid there is a very clear progress from rough cut to final cut.”

—Sim Evans-Jones, editor of ‘Shrek’

A big thank you to the team at American Cinema Editors who helped organize the interview at this year’s EditFest London.

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