Making The Cut: Tony Cranstoun, ACE — The Art Remains the Same

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Tony Cranstoun’s mantelpiece must be a sight to see, with a BAFTA, two RTS awards and an EDDIE from the American Cinema Editors organisation for his work on acclaimed dramas including Queer as Folk, The Royle Family and The Forsyte Saga.

Tony has been editing an eclectic mix of drama and documentaries since 1990. In this interview he recalls how he started out cutting on film, and the transition between that physical technique and the advent of nonlinear editing.

He also discusses how other elements of film-making have improved, from high resolution digital cameras to advanced projection screens, which all helps editors and film-makers to better visualize how the story will fit together.

“The big transformation between film and nonlinear was that with film you would always be a little bit conservative…[with nonlinear] the fact that you could make a join and there was no sellotape, no dirt on the film… I don’t think I’ll see another transformation like that in my lifetime.”

—Tony Cranstoun, ACE, editor The Royle Family, Mr Bean’s Holiday

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