Managing Massive Volumes of Media in Rio

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In just four years, managing and delivering content has changed remarkably since the last games in London. Whereas coverage used to focus mainly on the “big sports” like athletics, cycling, rowing and swimming, the summer games in Rio will see sports like dressage, fencing, archery and golf getting just as much coverage. The reason? The proliferation of multiplatform distribution. The fact is, broadcasters can provide much more targeted coverage if they don’t have the airtime to put the content on traditional TV channels.

But with multiple cameras covering all 28 sports, the challenge facing broadcasters is how to efficiently manage and distribute such a huge of volume of content. To meet consumer demand for more content on more platforms, broadcasters need production systems that enable them to manage content creation, automate workflows and empower collaboration.

Software-defined storage can help production teams efficiently and flexibly store and share large volumes of source material. Production teams can quickly access a shared pool of virtualized storage resources, which dramatically increases their efficiency. And by fully virtualizing storage, broadcasters can adjust their storage infrastructure as their storage needs change before, during and after the games—without disrupting workflows.

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To manage assets, collaborate and automate workflows for high-volume media delivery at the games, production teams need industry-proven media management systems in place. By making it easy to locate, use and repurpose clips among the thousands in storage, teams can focus on creating content rather than wasting time searching for the right clip. And by automating non-creative tasks like file preparation and transcoding in the background, media organizations can simplify and speed up distribution to multiple platforms and devices.

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With the right systems in place, production teams can quickly pull highlights through automated metadata gathering and publish them out to different channels with minimal human interaction, making multi-platform distribution a seamless, efficient and streamlined process.

Visit the Avid website to find out more about how Avid solutions can help production teams store, share and manage media assets for high-volume sports media delivery.

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