EDM: Beats, Percussion, and Rhythms with Maschine

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I hope you’ll enjoy the first episode of our new video blog series Master the Art of Music Creation that dives into one of my favorite parts of music creation for electronic dance music…the drums!

My focus here was really to start showing how easy it is to create inside Pro Tools. We all know how incredibly powerful Pro Tools is for audio recording and mixing, but since I’ve been a Pro Tools user (just shy of 10 years now), I’ve done all of my music songwriting, creating, and of course audio recording and mixing in it.

I also wanted to show the power of the AAX plug-in platform and how some of the best 3rd party developers bring their best and amazing creative plug-ins to the Pro Tools platform. In this episode’s case, Native Instruments powerful Maschine software is on display in all of its AAX glory!

MIDI Channel Assignment Workflow

One of the main things I wanted to address in this blog is the MIDI channel assignment workflow I showed in the episode. It’s the very same one I use in my actual production work. After setting up the first time, you can save a template and call it back up whenever you have need for it, without ever having to reassign channels again. In that case, you’d probably want to do the entire 16 MIDI channels, using the shortcut ALT+CMD (Mac) in Pro Tools.

Drag and Drop Patterns and Audio from Maschine into Pro Tools

However, I did want to point out that there are a couple of different ways to drag and drop patterns and audio from Maschine into Pro Tools. Here’s an alternate workflow from our friends at NI:

  • Activate “Sounds to MIDI notes” for the Group you want to export
  • Drag and Drop the MIDI pattern to an individual MIDI track in Pro Tools
  • In MASCHINE go to the “MIDI Input Channel” settings of the corresponding Group, activate it and set it to e.g. MIDI Channel 2 (see picture below)
  • Set the MIDI Output of your Pro Tools track to Channel 2, too
  • Boom!

Please note that it’s highly recommended to avoid using Channel 1 as an Input Channel because it’s the default Input Channel for selected Sounds in Maschine, so your Drumpattern will also start triggering any selected sample/instruments in MASCHINE. If your keeping to CH 2-16 that won’t become an issue.

All in all, it’s really easy once you get everything setup and going. Make sure you grab a copy of the demo session and practice up! We’ll dive into more of the music making process in our next episode. See you then!

Download the Session File

It does not contain audio, this episode is MIDI only. It requires the Maschine 2.0 AAX plug-in.

Download the Pro Tools Session file

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