Remix: Effects and Vocals

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Welcome back to Master the Art of Music Creation. In previous episodes, we created synth, beats, and bass elements. Now let’s take a look at the original acoustic drum parts and see if we can take the main riff fill part and reuse it in the remix with various plug-ins to give it a more electro sound. I’ll also work on the vocals by editing and adding some effects to them so they more closely fit the feel of this new version of the song. I’ll also go through the multiple AAX plug-ins I use on vocals, from Avid, AIR, Softube, McDSP, Brainworx, Slate, and Antares to show you how you can refine the sound so the vocals stand out and enhance the other elements in the track.

During this episode I will be using the song ‘Words to Say’ from the South African band The Arrows. You may remember the song when it was featured in the From Creation to Final Mix series. Let’s get started with Episode 9.

To learn more about the production of ‘Words to Say’ watch the 6-part video series, From Creation to Final Mix, featuring music producer Fab Dupont and The Arrows. In addition to learning about the creative process, you can download the tracks to try creating your own remix.

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I started my career in 1999 as Music Producer before I joined Avid in 2006. During the past year I finished my Bachelor of Science Degree in Audio Production. Beside my current job as a Solutions Specialist I am producing EDM in my studio