Media Asset Management for Broadcasters: New Research as Global Leaders Weigh In

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Broadcasters and other media enterprises face a herculean challenge of producing more and more high-quality content, distributing across an ever-changing array of new devices and platforms, and driving higher revenue from every asset they create. However, many content production and broadcasting infrastructures are built on disconnected solutions that lack the agility, scalability, and efficiency needed to monetize assets across every stage of the content lifecycle.

Avid recently commissioned media analyst firm Ovum to research how the leaders of major global media enterprises are using media asset management (MAM) technology to improve collaboration and operational efficiency, reduce costs, drive revenue, and deliver a higher return on investment (ROI).

The results have just been published, and they might surprise you. Ovum found that media executives are evolving their perception of MAM. No longer is MAM considered simply a standalone rich media storage repository. Now, these leaders consider MAM to be an enabler of end-to-end integrated media asset production and distribution workflows.

Industry leaders are driving substantial gains by using MAM to enhance collaboration, lower multi-platform distribution costs, and open new revenue streams.

The survey results indicate that industry leaders are driving substantial gains by using MAM to enhance collaboration, lower multi-platform distribution costs, and open new revenue streams. In fact, this survey found that 66% of surveyed executives lowered their multi-platform distribution costs, 50% improved collaboration, and 54% enabled new revenue streams using media asset management (MAM) technology.

In addition, eighty-two percent of the executives Ovum surveyed see MAM systems as driving ROI of 10 percent or more. They credit MAM with both increasing revenue, by accelerating content creation; and decreasing costs, by driving operational efficiencies.

See our summary infographic for top highlights from the Ovum research.

To view the full results of the study, please download the Ovum research report, A Content Everywhere Game Plan.

Survey Methodology and Background

Avid commissioned Ovum to develop and conduct a top-level sentiment and viewpoint survey on the media and production asset management (MAM and PAM) technologies. Ovum interviewed 125 senior management executives across 21 countries to assess the adoption and relative satisfaction related to the technology, revenue leakage, pain points, core deployment objectives, ROI perception, and likely budget trends in the next five years. The survey encompassed nine sub-media verticals including broadcasting (TV and radio), publishing, post production, advertising agencies, music labels, internet streaming, film studios and sports franchises.

Media Asset Management for Broadcasters

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Global media leaders are leveraging media asset management (MAM) to improve operational efficiency and drive growth. How can your business benefit?

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