Media Composer 2018 — a New Way of Versioning Your Favorite Editing Software

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If you’re part of our Beta Program or received a notification about the latest software update for Media Composer, you may have noticed that the version number has changed. Starting in January 2018, Media Composer is moving from the existing versioning sequence (Media Composer 8.10, the most recent December release) to a new date-based versioning convention.

Version numbers will now reflect the year and month of the release. The first release—2018.1— corresponds to January of 2018. The February release will be 2018.2, March will be 2018.3, and so on. If the software requires more than one release in a month (an urgent patch is needed, for example), the subsequent release will be identified by a third number (ex. 2018.1.1).

With Media Composer updates coming out each month, software version numbers change rapidly, making it difficult to determine which is the latest release. Date-based versioning allows you to immediately know if you are on the latest software release or not.

What This Means for You

The 2018.1 software update is a continuation of the current software build (8.10), simply with a different version number. Other than bug fixes listed in the ReadMe and a couple of small enhancements, there are no significant changes to the code between the last release and this one. To put it another way: If this software update was following the previous versioning convention, it would be 8.10.1.

Updating to 2018.1 follows the same procedures and upgrade and support plan requirements as previous 8.x updates. Installers are available via Application Manager, Avid Master Accounts, and the Download Center; existing licenses – software, floating and dongles – with current upgrade and support plans will run the update; and any license that has recently been renewed may need to be reactivated before it will run the update. No new license activation IDs are required; your current Media Composer v8.x license will run the 2018.x updates (provided you have an active upgrade and support plan for that license.)

While the change in version scheme may seem drastic, most users won’t notice a difference. With licenses, update procedures, and the majority of software code staying the same, the transition to the new versioning scheme should be smooth and transparent.


New in Media Composer 2018.1

Mappable Quick Find Button

You can now map the Quick Find button to your keyboard setting.  If the active window has a Quick Find field, then using this command will set focus to the Quick Find Field and the user can immediately start typing their search string. Windows with a QFF field are: Bins, Timeline, Effect palette, Project Window, List Tool (in edit mode), Script Window (in edit mode).

Direct Out Export option

If you are performing a Direct Out audio export, there is a new option to select either a single interleaved audio file (the old way), or as separate mono .wav files (the new option). The channel numbers get appended to the file name.

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Kate Ketcham is the Director of Product Management for Media Composer and has been with Avid for the past 16 years.