What’s New in Media Composer 2018.7 — Now Available

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From new 16K project presets and support for 120 fps video, to NDI-aware device integration and powerful Live Timeline playback capabilities, the latest update to Media Composer (2018.7) provides you more than ever with timesaving tools that work the way you want without getting in the way of your creativity.

Check out all the new features from this month’s version of Media Composer, the media and entertainment industry’s most-used video editing software, accelerating high-res, HDR, and HD workflows.


Introducing Live Timeline

No need to stop and restart video playback to perform certain actions. Media Composer now enables you to access menus, reveal tool tips and highlights, switch applications, zoom in and out of the timeline, add and remove bins, expand and collapse folder views, add and adjust columns, and do much more—all without disrupting playback. And this is just the beginning! Over the next few months and versions we’ll be adding more features to Avid’s powerful Live Timeline tool—stay tuned.

16K Project Presets

With new 16K project presets, you can now write and play back 16K media in their native project types. Boost your creative capabilities with 16K video files and support for higher frame rates.

New High Frame Rate Projects (100, 119.88, 120)

Create hyper-realistic 3D and 360 VR content, as well as dramatic slow-motion sequences, with support for 100, 119.88 and 120 fps video, minimizing blur and motion artifacts.

Support for NewTek® NDI Video over IP

Got an NDI (Network Device Interface) device? You can now send audio and video from Media Composer to any NDI-aware device over your local network. It’s ideal for simplifying the review and approval process, and minimizes costs by leveraging your existing Ethernet network.

Resize the Composer Monitor

Freely resize your Composer window to any dimension and aspect ratio that suits your needs. Show and hide fields and groups to streamline your view. If you want to resize to the image, you can use the Resize to Monitor Image option.

Work with BXF Files

You can now create a Broadcast Exchange File (BXF) Send To template, and ingest a BXF file, which will automatically create a sequence in Media Composer. You can edit the sequence and then export the BXF sequence with related essence files.

Support for Full Frame Stereoscopic with Avid Artist DNxIQ

With Media Composer 2018.7, full frame stereoscopic is supported with the Avid Artist DNxIQ. Requires Desktop Video software v10.10.1 or greater to use this feature with Avid Artist DNxIQ.

Performing an Insert Edit to an Exported Sequence

In version 2018.4, Media Composer added a feature that allowed you to perform a file-based insert edit on an already exported sequence. With this release, DNxHD has been added as a supported video compression for 1080i/59.94 projects. In addition, you can now export clips or sequences as XDCAM OP1a files. XDCAM MXF OP1a export is available in any project type that supports XDCAM.

Preview Growing Sequences and Clips while Exporting to DNxHR or DNxHD

Previewing in progress sequences and clips is supported when performing an AMA File Export to DNxHR or DNxHD resolutions using the Avid Media Processor plug-in. This feature allows you to link to a file that is still being exported (on another system). As the file is being exported to an Avid NEXIS workspace, you can link to that file and immediately play and use the media up to the point where it is currently exported.


Allow AMA File Export with Media Offline

You can export files with offline media from the AMA File Export dialog. This is helpful if you still have effects work to do, but need to deliver a draft version of your sequence.

More than ever, Media Composer 2018.7 brings a ton of new enhancements and improvements that will put more flow into your workflow. Get all the details on these features in the ReadMe and What’s New documents on our Media Composer Documentation page.

Media Composer 2018.7 is now available for all customers who have a Subscription, Floating or Perpetual License with an active Upgrade and Support plan. As soon as you connect to the internet, your Avid Application Manager will notify you about the availability of this new version. If you don’t have an internet connection on your system, just download the latest version from your Avid Account or the Video Download Center.

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