Avid Media Composer 2019.12 — Ending the Year on a High (Resolution) Note!

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2019 comes to a close, we at Avid reflect on the incredible transformation that Media Composer has gone through this year. We’ve replaced the media engine, allowing for native OP1a media and 32-bit floating point color, added support for ACES workflows, introduced a suite of DNxUncompressed formats, released a new Distributed Processing product for accelerating renders and transcodes, and integrated IMF package creation in export.

But the year’s not quite over – and we’re not quite done. Showing up just in time to close out the old and ring in the new, Media Composer 2019.12 brings even more finishing and color management capabilities, broader format support, updates to the Universal Media Engine, and workflow efficiency improvements.  Here is a quick overview of what the latest Media Composer release has in store.

ACEScct and 2065

As the demand for higher-quality media grows, so too the need for advanced color management. That’s why we’ve expanded our support for ACES workflows with the introduction of the ACEScct working color space. This update provides better color precision than previous versions and normalizes input transforms to ACES 2065. We’ve also added additional output color spaces – ACES 2065 and P3D65 DCI 48 nits – to ensure that you can deliver the best looking images while adhering to standardized workflows.

OpenEXR Encode

Of course, you couldn’t deliver those brilliant colors without the proper format, so Media Composer 2019.12 also introduces OpenEXR encode. Sequences and clips can be exported to .EXR – as either single frames or image sequences – at 16 or 32 bit floating point color. With multiple compression schemes to choose from – including Uncompressed and DWAA – our EXR export functions provide enough flexibility to meet a variety of production needs. Whether you’re delivering for OTT or working on VFX, you can be confident that your delivery stays true to your creative vision.

HDR in Open IO

Before you can deliver brilliant color, you have to be able to see it. That’s why with the latest updates to the Avid Artist I/O drivers and firmware – compatible with both 2019.12 and November’s 2019.11 release – Media Composer automatically sets your monitor to the proper color space. Simply select your desired transfer function and the DNxID, DNxIQ, or DNxIV will set your monitor to match.

Multi-Select in Inspector Tool

So far, we’ve only looked at the changes in Media Composer 2019.12 that most benefit finishing and delivery, but we’ve made a number of improvements in other aspects of the workflow, as well. The Inspector Tool, for instance, has been updated to support Multi-Selection. You can now select multiple items in a bin and make changes to them all at once directly in the Inspector Tool. Modifying editable fields like clip color, reel, custom comments or VFX becomes less tedious and time-consuming with the 2019.12 update.

Titler+ Updates

Throughout the year, we’ve continued to release updates to the new titling toolset, Titler+ – both bug fixes and feature updates – and Media Composer 2019.12 is no different. Besides fixing over 20 bugs, we’ve also made the following feature/functional changes:

  • When scrolling through Fonts, any selected text will automatically update to the font you’re currently on
  • Parameters that are disabled (like face, shadow, edge and frame) no longer show parameters in the mini toolbar
  • You can save and load default settings using new buttons in the mini toolbar, ensuring your titles remain consistent
  • The Safe Title shortcut has also been added to the mini toolbar
  • When a layer is not selected, you no longer see the associated bounding boxes
  • Additionally, once multiple objects are grouped, you only see a single bounding box rather than the individual boxes
  • Typing text becomes clearer with a new cursor icon
  • Hitting the spacebar when no layer is selected initiates playback
  • And finally – You can now use video source as filler

We know that, like you, our work is never truly done. Your needs – whether you’re an editor, an assistant editor, a colorist, a DIT or any of the myriad other professionals that rely on Media Composer every day – are always changing. It’s our job to deliver tools that meet and exceed those needs while anticipating new ones. Over the course of the last year we’ve taken Media Composer from rock-solid offline editor to high-end finishing and delivery toolset, effectively altering the landscape of our own future and (we hope) yours, as well. We’re proud of what we’ve accomplished in 2019 and look forward to continued growth in the years ahead.

Here’s to an equally transformative 2020.

For the complete list of what’s new in Media Composer 2019.12, see the What’s New document in the Media Composer Knowledge Base.

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Kate Ketcham is the Director of Product Management for Media Composer and has been with Avid for the past 16 years.