Media Composer 2019’s Latest Update is Here, and it Brought the Goods

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Since it launched in June 2019, the new Media Composer has been turning heads wherever it goes. Whether it’s the sleek, responsive new interface, the faster performance, or the impressive host of new finishing tools and format support, it’s got something for everybody.

In this day and age, non-linear video editing software (NLE’s) need to be A) powerful, B) efficient as well as easy to use, and C) able to start and finish projects, or go from “glass to glass.”  Whether you are working in short-form content, promotional or YouTube videos, unscripted and reality television shows, or you are working on full-fledged Hollywood feature films and scripted television shows with multiple editors, Avid Media Composer 2019 was built to meet the diverse needs editors encounter every day and exceed their expectations.

The latest version, shipping September 30th, 2019 is no exception and builds or improves on the already impressive list of new features introduced just a few short months ago. Each feature was carefully and thoughtfully designed (with lots and lots of feedback from editors and testers) with the goal of continuing to make video editing faster, easier, more customizable and flexible for each and every user’s needs.  Here’s a brief list of some of the latest new features:


Accelerated Performance 

We’ve improved the way Media Composer 2019 handles low-level memory operations so your editing experience is even faster and more responsive. Early beta users are reporting huge performance gains and smoother, more fluid timeline scrubbing on their existing hardware systems.


Bin Left Lock 

The easiest way to correlate or cross-compare metadata within your bins. Bin Left Lock allows you to “split” your bin into two sides and “freeze” the left side at any point but still scroll through the right side for faster comparison and cross-referencing.  Works in Text View mode (often known as “List View” in other applications).


Project Bin Container 

Introduced in Media Composer 2019.6, Bin Containers provide an easy way to organize and display Bins. With a sidebar displaying project contents, users can easily tab and sub-divide bins in the right-hand Bin pane. They can even create two or more Bin Containers for more project organization.  But Projects are like snowflakes and no two are alike, so users told us they want a recallable tool without the footprint and full functionality of a Bin Container, and they want it to persist across projects. Enter the new Project Bin Container: A simplified version of the old Project window based on just a Bin Container sidebar. This tool allows users to organize and access project contents, as well as float Bins by default. The position and size will persist throughout workspaces regardless if it’s docked or floating.


Wider Color Picker Access and Custom Color Options 

We know how important color and color-coding is to a well-organized project and timeline. It eliminates confusion, helps editors see at a glance if clips are out of place or which tracks and bins contain which media – plus it just looks good!  That’s why with Media Composer 2019.9 we’re giving you even more color options. Choose custom colors from a quick-access color picker menu to easily color bin clips, timeline clips, timeline tracks, bins and bin tabs, and more!


Show Bin in Sidebar 

We know it’s easy to get lost inside of bins with hundreds or sometimes even thousands of clips inside. That’s why we added a quick and extremely simple way to jump to the relevant bin container and always have a way to know where you are and what bin your Media is located in. Just choose the “Show Bin in Sidebar” from the right click menu in your Source Browser.


Better Timeline Button Layouts and Button Customization 

We’ve moved the Solo and Mute buttons side-by-side on the left side of the timeline tracks so you will have larger “hit” zones when you need to turn them on or off. We’ve also greatly expanded the available space above the timeline for customized buttons so users can completely tailor them to fit their workflows and editing needs.


Expanded AAF Report Capabilities

Get better visibility into edit points, effects and transitions for imported AAF files. You now have the option to generate sequence reports when you import an AAF file. Simply import your sequence (in AAF format) into a bin and then link to the media via Source Browser. The Symphony Option (which comes with all Media Composer | Ultimate and Enterprise subscriptions) adds even greater control by generating a detailed sequence report that summarizes exactly which sources, clips, effects and transitions were used, where and for how long so you can quickly gain the insights you need.  


And Lots, Lots More… 

We’ve barely scratched the surface!  For a complete list of what’s new in Media Composer 2019.9, see the What’s New document in the Media Composer Knowledge Base. 

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Andrew Haley is the product marketing manager for Media Composer and video solutions at Avid. He has a deep background in film, digital media and live production. He has appeared regularly on panels as a product and industry expert and spoken to live audiences worldwide about the way we use, consume and produce media in today’s culture. His wife, three children, two rats and one dog occasionally humor him and let him feel in charge. He is a Sagittarius.