New Media Composer 8.4.5 Update Adds Extra Features to Artist | DNxIO Video I/O Interface

We’re thrilled to launch a brand new update to Media Composer with additional enhancements for use with Artist | DNxIO hardware. The open and flexible DNxIO interface can be used together with Media Composer and many other creative tools such as Final Cut Pro, Premiere Pro, and DaVinci Resolve.

Avid Artist | DNxIO is designed to simplify and accelerate your high resolution workflows, enabling you to capture, monitor, and output media in the highest quality possible. With the release of Media Composer 8.4.5, you can now enhance capture from and output to devices connected to Artist | DNxIO hardware, adding the capacity to capture DNxHR-encoded media, capture and output with closed captioning and other ancillary data, and sync via LTC (linear time code).

Hardware Encoding of High-Resolution DNxHR Media for Capture Workflows

Now you can capture DNxHR-encoded 4K and UHD media into Media Composer directly from devices connected to the Artist | DNxIO hardware. This release supports DNxHR LB (Low-Bandwidth) hardware encoding.

LTC Timecode Support

Sync with LTC timecode through the DNxIO hardware timecode ports  (XLR timecode inputs / output).

Ancillary Data Support Including Closed Captioning

Output and capture closed captioning and other ancillary data via devices connected to the Artist | DNxIO video interface. The ancillary data support includes closed captioning for NTSC and HD, SDI VITC reader, RP188, and pass-through all (HD, 4K).

Media Composer 8.4.5 is now available for all customers who have a Subscription, Floating or Perpetual License with an active Upgrade and Support plan.  Your Avid Application Manager will notify you about the download availability of this new version. You can also download version 8.4.5 from your Master Avid Account or the Video Download Center.

Remember that if you have a Subscription, Floating or Perpetual License that is under an active Upgrade & Support plan, you are entitled to this new update. Get more details on these features in the ‘ReadMe’ and ‘What’s New Guide’ on the Media Composer Documentation page.

If you have any questions about Media Composer or Artist | DNxIO, don’t hesitate to post your query on the Avid Video Forums or visit the dedicated Artist | DNxIO FAQ article on the Avid Knowledge Base.

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