Perfect Your Mix in Media Composer | Software with the Power of AAX Audio Plug-ins

By in Tutorial Thursday, Video Editing

Avid Media Composer | Software (8.1) brought us so many great new features. Such as mute track, drag to copy, and so much more.

One of my favorite new additions is support for AAX audio plug-ins. Having the ability to work with audio in Media Composer using the same tools I already employ in Pro Tools is invaluable. In the video I show a few AAX plugins and some possible uses for them.

Be sure to download the free 30-day trial of Media Composer | Software to try out this feature. Also be certain to try the Avid Pro line of plug-ins. I use the Pro Compressor and Pro Limiter on every mix I do in Pro Tools, and now we are able to use them in Media Composer! Awesome.

Here’s the AAX audio plug-ins I used in this video.

I have a passion to create and convey stories through any medium. Pro Tools and Media Composer are invaluable tools in that adventure.