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Mackie has recently updated their popular ProFX Series Professional Effects Mixers with USB to the all-new ProFXv3 Series. This mixer series is rooted in Mackie’s history of creating affordable, built-like-a-tank mixers that don’t sacrifice on sound quality. This update to the series offers big upgrades to the analog circuitry, built-in effects, recording quality and more. Ranging from 6 to 30 channels, these mixers are perfect for those looking for a professional, versatile mixing setup without breaking the bank.

With Our Powers Combined

New for the Mackie brand, is their partnership with Avid Pro Tools | First, a powerful DAW for recording, mixing, music production, and beyond, and is now included with every ProFXv3 purchase as well as several Mackie products. The built-in plugins within Pro Tools | First are powerful, but we wanted to sweeten the deal by including the Mackie exclusive Musician Collection™ plug-in bundle. This adds 23 great Avid plug-ins to your library. A huge selection of pedals, effects, and creative plug-ins open up endless possibilities. Included in the exclusive bundle is the legendary 304E EQ and 304C Compressor, both great for helping to elevate your mixes to that finished feel.

Walking the Signal Path

Not all mic preamps are created equal. Mackie’s Onyx Mic preamps were designed to rival those found in some of the most expensive gear out there. Lower output dynamic microphones will shine thanks to the up to 60dB of gain on tap and 128.5dB of dynamic range. And with ultra-low distortion, anything you plug in will sound squeaky clean. Worried about noise? Rest easy. Mackie’s custom M-80 op-amps and premium circuitry keep your signal path quiet and transparent.



ProFXv3 packs in a massive mixing toolkit to shape your sound and get it where you need it. 3-band channel EQs provide precise tone-shaping. Built-in channel compressors help keep those levels in check, essential for both live performance and in the studio. Back-lit Mute switches and high-resolution meters keep you informed of active channels and levels. Routing to Subgroups and Aux Sends are easy with brightly colored knobs and per-channel routing switches. Choosing from the 24 different high-quality GigFX™ effects is simple with a single knob interface.


The built-in 2×4 interface allows the main mix to be sent straight into Pro Tools | First at up to 24-Bit 192 kHz quality. With a dedicated blend control, you can easily choose between direct, zero-latency monitoring and your computer’s output, or a mix of the two. This is perfect for recording your live mix, tracking your next hit at home, or even live streaming. The ‘4’ in 2×4 means you can create two separate mixes in Pro Tools to send out to your ProFXv3 mixer. 1/2 will always be your monitoring mix that is sent to the headphone output on the mixer, this can be blended with a direct hardware signal for easy latency-free monitoring, great for recording over a pre-recorded track. 3/4 is always sent directly into a channel strip so you can route the audio anywhere you need it.



Content creator is a job title that is becoming more and more common these days and ProFX Series mixers have become a go-to centerpiece for many setups for years. Having a real, high-quality mixer not only ensures optimal sound quality for your audience, but also makes on-the-fly adjustments quick and easy. It’s always fun having a huge Delay+Reverb ready to go when you want to add a little drama to your stream. With all of your mixing, EQ, compression, and effects taken care of by the mixer, you can free up your computer’s processing power to take on other tasks.

This is just the tip of the iceberg of the awesome things you can accomplish with a ProFXv3 mixer and Pro Tools | First.

Want to learn more about ProFXv3? Check them out at Mackie.com/ProFXv3. For a complete list of Mackie products that now include Pro Tools | First and the Musician Collection plug-in bundle, please go to mackie.com/blog/mackie-partners-pro-tools-first.

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