Monitor Audio Loudness Seamlessly in Avid Media Composer with iZotope’s Insight

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iZotope’s Insight provides an extensive set of audio analysis and metering tools, perfect for visualizing changes made during mixing and mastering, troubleshooting problematic mixes, and ensuring compliance with broadcast loudness standards. Insight allows you to visually monitor all relevant information from your mono, stereo or surround mix in a convenient floating window.

Here are some of the top features from iZotope Insight:

  • Immediately detect potential mix problems through real-time visual monitoring and color-coded alerts
  • Ensure your audio is fully compliant with current loudness standards with forward-thinking tools that adhere to standards like BS.1770-1/2/3
  • Perform deep and flexible analysis with zoomable meters and the ability to route audio from any tracks or buses to Insight
  • Design your ideal metering view by choosing the meters you want to see, customizing them, and resizing the Insight window to fit your current workflow
  • Get an extensive suite of metering tools in a single plug-in, including True Peak Meters, Loudness Meters, Loudness History Graph, Stereo Vectorscope, Surround Scope, 2D/3D Spectrogram, and Spectrum Analyzer


With every copy of Media Composer (subscription or perpetual license), you get a 30-day fully functional trial of iZotope Insight. Try it out for yourself and download this version from your online Master Avid Account.

Check out our video tutorial on how to integrate iZotope Insight in Avid Media Composer to ensure loudness compliance through every step of the post production process:

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