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Last year at IBC, we announced a new services initiative, called the Avid Advantage. The goal was simple—expand the services, support, and training options you need to thrive in our highly competitive industry. Working from feedback provided by Avid Customer Association members, we made some major improvements to the training and certification program that we are announcing at NAB.

Before I tell you about the new stuff, let me deal with a basic question that I’m asked all the time: “Is it worth it to get certified?”  The answer is simple, Yes!

An Avid Certification, plus your talent and creativity, is a powerful combination that employers value.

Of course you’d expect me to say that. But here’s why. Certification demonstrates your skills as an Avid User, Administrator, Instructor, or Support Representative. It doesn’t guarantee you a job, but Avid Certifications are recognized by top media companies worldwide, and help you further distinguish yourself in a crowded talent pool. An Avid Certification, plus your talent and creativity, is a powerful combination that employers value.

If you are an employer reading this, let me point out that hiring Avid Certified professionals (or certifying your existing staff) maximizes the ROI on your Avid systems by ensuring that your team has the expertise to keep projects moving on schedule, and systems up and running efficiently.

Save Time and Money

We’ve completely refreshed our approach and thinking around the Avid Certified Support Representative (ACSR) program— the biggest change this program has seen in its history.  Given the strong heritage of Avid systems in the industry, we recognize that some engineers have years of experience installing, administering and supporting our systems in mission-critical environments.  If you already have the necessary knowledge and skills, why shouldn’t we let you demonstrate that with Avid Certification?

So, at NAB, we’re rolling out a new program that now includes standalone certification exams for the ACSR, Avid Certified Administrator, and Avid Certified Connectivity Developer programs. This means you no longer are required to attend a training course. If you have the required skills and capabilities, all you need to do is simply pass the certification exam.  Exams will be scheduled on a periodic basis at Avid offices and select partner locations around the world.  (Check out the website for full details.)

Choose How, Where, and When You Want to Learn

Attending a training course is still highly recommended for most individuals pursuing certification, so we’ve made improvements there, too.  Our two most popular ACSR courses—Media Composer 400 and Pro Tools 400—have been completely rewritten.  They are now available in a blended format to combine online training with classroom learning, making these classes easier and more affordable to attend because you only have to spend a fraction of the course in the classroom.  (When traveling, even a couple days off the trip can save you hundreds.)

Speaking of traveling less (or possibly shorter distances), we are expanding locations for our public Administration and ACSR courses.  Working with our partners, we have four new training locations: Root6 in London, Atomise in New Zealand, Amber in Australia, and a location in Brazil to be announced shortly.

Avid Education’s course content is also going mobile, with the release of our entire courseware catalog in eBook format for any Android or iOS device. This new choice will provide a better, more cost-effective solution for Avid Learning Partners and customers worldwide, enabling faster turnaround and zero shipping costs.  In addition, the Avid Certified User exams for Media Composer and Pro Tools are now available in Japanese, Korean, Spanish, Chinese, Italian, Brazilian Portuguese, and French. Never before have more customers been able to achieve certification in their native language!

New Certifications

Finally, Avid Education is adding four new certifications.

  • Avid Certified Administrator: Interplay Production: Avid Interplay | Production is the backbone of many post-production and broadcast operations the world over. System administrators play a critical role in keeping the systems running efficiently. This new certification requires that they demonstrate their skills and understanding over the many controls and variables in Interplay, ensuring successful management and administration. This certification also serves as a useful precursor to becoming an ACSR: Interplay Production.
  • Avid Certified User: Sibelius: This course is designed to drive higher skills and help students, composers, arrangers and music publishers differentiate themselves within the market with real, proven skills.
  • Avid Certified Developer: Interplay Production Web Services: This is the second Avid Connectivity Developer Certification for Interplay Production Web Services. MediaCentral Platform development partners who achieve this certification, which is a requirement for the Avid Connectivity Partner program, can differentiate their development skills and leverage the Avid Certified brand, in addition to selling and promoting their products via the Avid Marketplace.
  • Avid Certified Expert: Pro Tools | S6: This is an advanced-level certification aimed at validating mixing workflow skills, and includes performance based testing.


Want to find out more?  Stop by the Avid booth at NAB to speak with an Avid Education representative.  We’re in the upper level of the South Hall, Booth SU902.  Check us our online at Or, email us at

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I came to Avid as a working editor over 9 years ago, and currently work in Avid Education. I am a developer on the official Media Composer curriculum, but best of all, get to work closely with Avid Certified Instructors worldwide to train and certify new users.