Becoming the New Standard in Professional Mixing—Nearly 1,000 Pro Tools | S6 Systems Sold Worldwide

Nearly 1,000 Systems Sold

From the floor of the 2016 NAMM show we are proud to share that since its launch in the fall of 2013 Avid has sold nearly 1,000 total Pro Tools | S6 systems. With over 950 total consoles sold into Post, Music and Educational facilities, (including the recent install at the world renowned Sony Picture Studios – Anthony Quinn Theater of a dual operator 96 fader S6 M40 system), S6 has quickly become the new standard in professional mixing.  With a revolutionary modular design, S6 delivers superior ergonomics and intelligent studio control, providing an intuitive, immersive experience for the modern sound engineer. And with the recent release of version 2.1 software, the S6 Master Joystick Module and announcement of the S6 Master Post Module (coming soon), Avid continues to give audio professionals even greater efficiency and flexibility so they can handle the most demanding projects and create their best work.

“The S6 is a an excellent addition to Sony Pictures’ sound facilities, enhancing mixers’ ability to work creatively with sound and build groundbreaking soundtracks. Our artists are very excited to have access to this new technology.”

—Tom McCarthy, Executive Vice President of Post Production Services at Sony Pictures

Version 2.1

Pro Tools | S6 version 2.1 software represents the ninth software release to support the modular EUCON control surface since it launched in September 2013. The new software dramatically streamlines and simplifies pro mixing workflows by offering further enhanced customization, control, and portability of user settings. It also adds support for professional KVM solutions to better integrate switching between multiple DAWs. You can read and see more here.

Post Module

The new S6 Master Post Module will give post mixers the advanced control they need to easily create and manage the biggest, most immersive soundtracks. Mixers can control and monitor stems with traditional paddles, enabling them to match levels and punch in and out of record without taking their eyes off the screen. The S6 Post module also offers integrated film/TV monitor switching, providing mixers with simple and centered control where they need it. Finally, the ability to assign object tracks to the paddles allows mixers to manage over 200 tracks for immersive print masters, which is crucial for creating mixes in Dolby Atmos.

Joystick Module

The S6 Master Joystick Module enables mixers to position sound anywhere within a room by providing dual non-motorized, touch-sensitive joysticks for hands-on surround mixing. Mixers can pan and control multiple sounds in surround, ergonomically control two joysticks with a single hand if desired, and map other parameters like plug-in controls to the joysticks. Mixers gain precision control over additional panning parameters using two color coded encoders, 16 panning mode switches with color LEDs, and other panning control switches.


Pro Tools | S6 version 2.1 software and the S6 Master Joystick Module are now available. The Master Post Module is coming soon.

Pro Tools | S6

Mixing Redefined

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