New Online Course Teaches Avid’s New Shared Storage for Small Teams

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As Avid Education prepares to launch a new online video-based training course, ISIS | 1000 System Administration, I sat down with instructor Curt Raymond for the inside scoop.

Curt is an instructor and curriculum developer in Avid Education, and manages the Avid Certified Support Representative (ACSR) program for the ISIS shared storage family of products.


BC:  Hi, Curt. We know you’re very busy these days, so thanks for taking the time to sit down with us.

CR:  Sure, happy to do it.


BC:  Let’s start with the product.  For those unfamiliar with ISIS | 1000, what’s so great about it?

CR:  For starters, ISIS | 1000 is designed for smaller facilities than we’ve covered before — small shops that are using local storage only.  ISIS | 1000 is much less expensive than the other ISIS systems.  We’re talking under $20K vs $50K+.  It gives them a chance to finally move off “sneaker nets” and onto network storage.

Technically speaking, we’ve done some neat things.  We’ve  boosted the speed of the system.  It has solid-state boot drives, so you lose the inherent risks in spinning disk drives. Plus, we are using a Linux server for the engine, the “brains” of the system, which all makes it a very fast, very reliable system.

ISIS | 1000 also has much-improved support for Apple Final Cut Pro and Adobe Premiere.  We’ve worked directly and Apple and Adobe, so [these applications] actually work better on ISIS | 1000 than on any other shared storage out there.


BC: You’re also launching a new ISIS | 1000 System Administration course, right?

CR: That’s right.

BC: So, who should take this class?

CR: Unlike our larger systems, we don’t expect ISIS | 1000 customers to have a full time support staff.  The system itself is so inexpensive, it’s a stretch to think they’ll invest in our full-length (Avid Certified Support Representative) certification classes.

So, this class is essentially for the users themselves, and if they have a support staff, for them too. It’s super inclusive.


BC: What are they going to get out of it?  Basically, what’s in it for them?

CR: (laughs) That’s a great question!

There is already a QuickStart video on basic configuration, but we take subjects like configuration and management and go into much greater depth.

Our goal with the class is really to make customers successful with their ISIS | 1000.  To do that, we need to give them a deeper understanding of what they can do with it.

It’s a big leap to go from local storage to shared storage, and there’s so much more you can do with it.  So, we talk about strategies for deploying ISIS | 1000, and how it changes your workflow.  The WHY vs just how.


BC: I understand the course is mostly video.  Can you talk about that?

CR:  Sure. The class is divided over 12 videos, totaling about 2 hours, followed by a 1-hour live webinar.  It’s a lot of content.

We start with the basics:

  • How to get [the system] into a rack, then quickly move on to some of the more advanced setup topics, like IP addressing, how do you integrate it as a device on your network, assign an IP address, etc.

Next, we talk about the actual management of the device.  This includes things like:

  • Admin controls, where are they and what can you do with them
  • What are Workspaces and why you would create them
  • What are Users, how to create them and give them access to the right workspaces

Finally, it’s on to troubleshooting and how to deal with a hardware failure, perform regular maintenance, understanding common statuses, etc.

BC: That’s a lot of info. What’s left to cover in the webinar? 

CR:  We do a quick run-through of the highlights from the videos, hitting the real important points of commonly challenging topics.  There’s also a bit of “don’t panic”, trying to alleviate any fears customers have.

Then it’s on to Q&A to give customers a chance to ask questions directly about their own system.

The goal is really to make them successful, and make sure that when we’re finished, they are comfortable with the system and have the skills they need to use the system effectively.


BC: Is there a test?  

CR:  No, no test.  This isn’t a certification class.

We do offer quizzes at the end of each video, just so customers can check their understanding along the way.


BC: Well, thanks again for meeting with us. Any final thoughts?

CR: I really hope people will go through the class before they use their system for a lot of real work.  I’d hate to have people showing up and saying “If I’d only known then.”  Not that that’s not correctable, but it’s always better to do things right the first time.

Sound interesting?

Get more details from the course description. Ready to sign up? Check out the schedule of our upcoming classes.

ISIS | 1000 System Administration Elearning

A cost effective and flexible way to get the essential knowledge and skills for implementing ISIS | 1000 into your production environment.

I came to Avid as a working editor over 9 years ago, and currently work in Avid Education. I am a developer on the official Media Composer curriculum, but best of all, get to work closely with Avid Certified Instructors worldwide to train and certify new users.