Boost Your Performance—What’s New in Avid NEXIS 7.6

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Since its introduction at last year’s NAB Show, the Avid NEXIS shared storage family has gone from strength to strength, earning the accolade “the gold standard for shared storage” from ProVideo Coalition at the beginning of this year. Now, the world’s first software-defined storage platform for media workflows delivers a massive performance boost, as well as multi-seat streaming support for Pro Tools users.

With just a software update, Avid NEXIS | PRO boosts performance 50%  up to 2.4GBytes per second, enabling finishing workflows and increased throughput for 4K/UHD and HD productions. Avid NEXIS | Enterprise  now supports up to 48 Media Packs across a single scale-out networked enterprise-class system, providing nearly 3 PB of storage capacity and up to 28 GB/s of bandwidth. It now delivers a colossal 600 MB/s per Media Pack – enough bandwidth for 375 streams of XAVC-Intra UHD, or well over 1,000 streams of DNxHD.

Since Avid NEXIS Enterprise storage engines are fully compatible with one another, they can be mixed, matched and augmented, so a storage investment in Avid NEXIS never becomes obsolete, as capacity, bandwidth performance and availability can be upgraded to meet changing content and production demands.

Avid is committed to improving collaboration across the broadest range of media workflows, and we’re excited to share that we’ve also expanded support for professional audio production workflows with Pro Tools. Audio and video creatives can now share projects with ease, and complete them faster as a result.

With the latest versions of industry-leading tools, Avid NEXIS 7.6 and Pro Tools | HD 12.8, you can share projects in a centralized pool of media storage, speeding up your workflow by eliminating the time wasted moving files between different systems.  Avid NEXIS now supports collaborative creation workflows for audio teams with multiple Pro Tools | HD seats and up to an incredible 256 audio tracks each.

Avid Pro Tools

Avid NEXIS and Pro Tools have been extensively tuned and tested to deliver the high standard of media protection already associated with Avid NEXIS – a failed drive no longer means a lost project or wasted time restoring it. Both audio and video workflows are accelerated by fuss-free file sharing – now you don’t need to connect an external drive and wait while copying media, or wait to push-pull projects. We also test with a broad range of Avid and partner workflow components to ensure that Avid NEXIS performs across a range of different broadcast and post-production pipelines.

Avid’s intelligent software-defined storage, with its intuitive management of workspace and bandwidth, is acknowledged as the benchmark for creative collaboration.


Since Avid NEXIS is software-defined storage, the enhancements included in version 7.6  are available from the Avid NEXIS | PRO, ideally suited for smaller production teams, all the way to Avid NEXIS | Enterprise, the scalable solution for the largest and most demanding teams.

As the media production landscape constantly evolves, we are committed to developing solutions to meet your changing needs. If your organization needs a reliable, high-performance storage system that can scale and adjust quickly to change, without interrupting production, look no further than Avid NEXIS—the world’s first and only software-defined storage platform.


Invest in your future with the reliability you need today, the scalability for tomorrow, and the technology to take you beyond. Take your storage to the next level with Avid NEXIS.


Ed is a senior Product Manager in the Avid NEXIS collaborative storage solutions group, committed to designing, developing and delivering compelling solutions for the Media and Entertainment Industry.