‘Ni Hao’ from the PGA TOUR — Edited with Avid Video Production Tools for International Delivery

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I began my career as a production assistant. I actually answered an ad in a local paper. I decided I liked the work and didn’t mind the oddball hours. Over the next few years I worked in several TV studios in my hometown of Knoxville, Tennessee before being offered a job at PGA TOUR Entertainment as a tape duplicator. I soon moved on to live television work and lots of linear tape-to-tape editing. I was eventually offered a position as an editor for the newly formed ‘New Media’ department and helped create the facilities first file based, non-linear workflow. More recently I am part of a team of editors that rotate through a variety of projects depending on the needs of the facility.

When I first started working at PGA TOUR Entertainment it was basically a television production company and footage archiving and licensing business. Over the last 15 years it has grown into a media company providing production services and custom content creation for the PGA TOUR’s social media channels, the PGATOUR.com and affiliated tour’s websites, live broadcast productions and internet streaming and, more recently, virtual reality. In addition to long form content created in collaboration with the major television networks, PSAs and ad spots, and video support for each week’s PGA TOUR tournament broadcast, PGA TOUR Entertainment is home to one of the longest running golf magazine shows, ‘Inside the PGA TOUR.’

Avid is at the heart of post production at PGA TOUR Entertainment. We have 15 Avid Media Composer workstations and 2 Pro Tools audio rooms with Avid Media Composer satellites attached to 128 TB of Avid shared storage. Add Avid Interplay and a third-party Media Asset Management (MAM) and you have thousands of hours of the best golf footage in the world at your fingertips.

Working on so many projects simultaneously creates technical challenges but can also provide interesting opportunities for efficiency. This particular timeline was created in less than a day. Our PGA TOUR China production team wanted to produce a “Top 10” video highlight for the conclusion of the 2015-2016 golf season for distribution to our Chinese content partners. After identifying the ten best moments and creating a script we were able to assemble bins of B roll, most of which was pulled in from already existing projects through Interplay. A handful of shots were sent to Interplay by the producer from our MAM system. Graphic elements (like number interstitials in this case,) stock filters, vignettes and effects are stored in Interplay in catalogs for quick access from any project. We recorded the on-camera segments and voiceover in our studio straight into our network, clipped and transferred to Interplay. We assembled the final cut over a few hours and were ready to deliver by the end of the day.

Along with a creative, hard working crew Avid is what makes PGA TOUR Entertainment’s media production facility work. It allows us to support a host of live television programming, to create everything from viral videos, quick turnaround one-offs and highlights to highly polished commercials and long form pieces for the PGA TOUR and its partners all over the world. Although I never expected to spend the majority of my career in one edit house it has been rewarding to see my knowledge and skills grow along with the facility. It is a pleasure each day to see what some of the best in the business can accomplish with support and access to the best tools in the business.

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My name is Andre D’Elena. I’ve been a full time video editor for 8 years and involved in live television and post-production for almost 20 years, much of that time at PGA TOUR Entertainment, a full service post house where we produce content for the PGA TOUR, it’s broadcast partners and outside clients.