Once is Enough—How to Create a Template Sequence in Media Composer

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The sequence is the cornerstone of a Media Composer project. Each editor has their preferences on how they like their sequence to be set up. Some editors like to move the timecode track in between the audio and video tracks. Some editors always rename the same tracks. Some know they always need 20 audio tracks and 8 video tracks while others like to start with the bare minimum. Whatever your preferences are, there’s a simple way to set up a sequence once and reuse it each time you need a new sequence, maximizing your editing time. This is what I like to call a template sequence.

The tutorial below will show you how I like to set up my template sequence.

One thing not covered in this tutorial was how to use the template sequence in other projects. With the Project Window selected, go up to File and select Open Bin… From here you can navigate to the project you created the template sequence in and open that bin. Next, select the template sequence and hit Command+D if you’re on a Mac or Control+D if you’re on a PC to duplicate the sequence. The move the duplicated sequence into a bin in your current project and you’re good to go.

Setting up a template sequence only takes a moment. That moment will save you time each instance you have to create a new sequence which I hope is often for you!

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