How to Pitch Your Music to Spotify Playlist Curators

With the introduction of AvidPlay, which makes it simple to get your music on popular streaming services around the world, it’s important to make sure you’re giving yourself every advantage to have your music reach your intended audience—allowing you to grow your fanbase. Here’s a quick walkthrough on how to give your music a chance to make it into some of the most popular Spotify playlists.


Step 1: Purchase an AvidPlay subscription

AvidPlay is a simple way to stream and sell your music around the world. Keep 100% of your revenue and rights, get shareable links to grow your fanbase, and even split earnings automatically with bandmates. AvidPlay enables you to get your next release on Spotify, which is the first step to being able to pitch Spotify playlist curators.

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Step 2: Release music to Spotify

When setting up your release, select Spotify as a distribution option, and set the release date for at least a month out. This will ensure that Spotify has time to recognize your release and give you enough time to claim your Spotify artist profile through Spotify for Artists.


Step 3: Claim your Spotify profile

In order to get access to pitching your music to Spotify playlist curators, you need to claim your Spotify for Artists profile. Doing this will allow you to customize your profile appearance, give you access to in depth Spotify streaming stats, and let you choose which upcoming releases you want to pitch. In order to claim your profile, you will need to provide a few of your social or webpage links to verify your identity.


Step 4: Pitch your music

Once you have claimed your Spotify for Artists profile. Navigate to your account, select the Music tab and select Upcoming. Here, you’ll see your soon to be released albums and singles, which can now be pitched to Spotify playlist curators. Spotify has a ton of different playlist options that fit any style, genre, or mood.

Do some research and figure out a playlist that your music would be a good fit for. While filling out the form for submitting your track, you’ll be asked to suggest a playlist that you think your music would a good fit for, so do some research and find a good option. Getting included in any of Spotify’s playlists can be a huge boost to growing your fanbase and gaining followers.

Good luck!

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