Poetry in Motion: Avid-Powered Post at Warrior Poets

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To succeed in today’s world of film production, you need to be dynamic, versatile, and willing to take some major risks. No one understands this concept better than the team at Warrior Poets—a New York-based production company founded by Jeremy Chilnick and documentary filmmaker Morgan Spurlock.

One of the true pioneers working in media today, Spurlock made a name for himself through hard work, innovative thinking, and taking risks. Early in his career, Spurlock had to make a choice: use the $50k he had saved up to pay off his mounting debts—or make a movie. Thankfully he chose the latter, and Super Size Me was a huge commercial and critical success.

“I tell people all the time that when it comes to risk, you need to take as much risk as possible. If you’re going to take risk, you need to have persistence of vision. If you are brave enough to stay the course, you can change anything.”

—Morgan Spurlock

Warrior Poets operates with the same mentality—and their full steam ahead approach to filmmaking can be both inspiring and logistically terrifying. For example, the amount of projects and content Warrior Poets produces is staggering. At any given time, they’re working on documentaries, TV series, web videos, and more—all in house, all at the same time. To keep up with demand, the company has dozens of editors working from 26 edit bays on tons of different projects simultaneously. That’s enough to make anyone’s head spin!

“We never just have one project going. The minute we are going into post on one project, we’re usually in pre production on the next film. We’re constantly layering projects that way.”

—Morgan Spurlock

In order to keep production running smoothly, Warrior Poets relies on advanced media production tools that are intuitive, easy-to-use, and flexible enough to quickly adapt to changes on the fly. They also need media management solutions that simplify and streamline their workflow, and facilitate seamless collaboration.

In our exclusive new video, you’ll discover how Avid shared storage and the Avid Artist | DNxIO video interface provide Warrior Poets with the cutting-edge workflows they need to produce the high-quality and engaging content that audiences demand. Production teams can access and share media instantly, work with media in any resolution, and turn around demanding projects fast. And thanks to the openness of Avid Everywhere, the solutions work seamlessly with the company’s existing workflows.

“The best thing about the Avid workflow and DNxIO is that we work on a ton of different things simultaneously,” says Jeremy Chilnick, COD and Head of Production at Warrior Poets. “We have films, TV projects, and four different digital series with 90 episodes between them. And they’re all moving back and forth between different edit stations with different editors working on them. Having a reliable software hardware combination that works every time is everything to us.”

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