A Bowie Celebration Tour

A Bowie Celebration Tour

Engineers: Brent Bullard (FOH), Levi Parker (MON)

Concert Touring – VENUE | S6L (x2)

Brent Bullard at FOH

“I’ve mixed on the D-Show Profile and SC48 in the past, but never the S6L. Once we got the groove going, I fell in love! The 32 knobs help out tremendously when mixing. I’m a pretty active mixer, so if I hear something that’s off, I’ll fix it right then even if it goes back to the way it was 10 secs later. The touchscreen gives me tremendous flexibility to easily get to anything I need. The easy access to the channel levels that are in your VCA’s saves a lot of time (two button presses and the turn of a knob). If a channel would clip, it’s literally two presses on the touchscreens and a turn of the Assignable Knob—you don’t have to waste time finding that specific channel and adjusting it from there. The shortcuts on the S6L are just unreal!”

Brent Bullard – FOH engineer for A Bowie Celebration Tour


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