Abbey Road Institute AU

Abbey Road Institute, Melbourne Australia

Education – S6 M40 System

S6 M40 16 Faders 5 Knob with Displays – Custom Desk – Pro Tools HDX

The Avid S6 has been a key investment here at Abbey Road Institute Melbourne. As an organisation that prides itself in staying ‘in front of the curve’, we see the S6 as a huge part of the industry’s future.The flexible workflows tailor to both advanced and beginner users.

The S6 is a fantastic teaching tool, allowing us to demonstrate every minute detail, whether it be automation modes or compression. Not only do the industry professionals who deliver our courses feel right at home, but our students get a great experience using the Avid S6 and get to learn their craft on a truly amazing piece of cutting edge technology.

Abbey Road institute is proud to be a part of the S6 Family!

Bradley Toan

Senior Technical Officer and Senior Tutor