Bauer Studios

Bauer Studios — Ludwigsburg, Germany

As the recording studio behind everything from jazz and rock to large orchestral sessions, Bauer Studios Ludwigsburg has been at the forefront of Germany’s music recording industry for nearly 70 years. Located to the north of Stuttgart, it is the country’s oldest privately-owned studio complex and is widely respected for its range of facilities, technical expertise, and extensive knowledge of music recording processes.

Bauer Studios has hosted some of the most influential artists of the last half-century, including Stevie Wonder, Miles Davis and Keith Jarrett. In addition to its two core studios, it operates a busy mastering suite and supplies multiple mobile recording systems.

“Music is at the core of our business, but in order to keep up with industry trends and demand we have broadened our services to cater to specialized audio projects in the film and television sector. These new projects bring new challenges so it’s our priority to ensure we acquire the latest technology to overcome them and stay at the top of our game. Immersive audio projects require engineers to deal with higher channel counts and more complex mixing sessions, so the S6 control surface is perfect. Thanks to our new Pro Tools solutions, we can offer more intuitive, efficient and flexible workflows than ever before.”

Michael Thumm, sound engineer and CEO at Bauer Studios