California Institue of the Arts – Valencia, CA

Dubbing Theater – S6 M40 System

Music Studio – S6 M10 system

S6 M40 24 Faders 5 Knob with Displays – Argosy Eclipse Desk – Pro Tools HDX

S6 M10 24 Faders 5 Knob with Displays – Argosy Eclipse Desk – Pro Tools HDX

“The S6 is the first surface that lets us record and mix projects without continuously digging through layers of hidden menus that give less useful feedback than the computer monitor. With the S6, we can actually work for extended periods without the mouse. Since the controls and displays are clearly laid out, it’s a much simpler system for students (and faculty) to learn.

Our students are already finding the S6 learning curve is much easier because of the direct tactile and visual parallels that these surfaces have with Pro Tools. Once they know the basics of mixing “inside the box”, it’s an easy transition to a control surface that still feels like Pro Tools. There’s also the huge advantage that, for the first time, our students only need to learn one control surface to use in both rooms.”

Craig Smith

Faculty Sound Manager


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Images courtesy of  RSPE Audio Solutions
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