Deluxe Hollywood

Deluxe Hollywood, CA

Film and TV Post Facility – S6 M40 & M10 systems

Stage 2 (Atmos): Dual Operator S6 M40 32 Faders 5 Knob with Displays and Producers Desk – S6 Frame – Pro Tools HDX

Stage 7 (Home Atmos): Dual Operator S6 M10 24 Faders 5 Knob with Producers Desk – S6 Frame – Pro Tools HDX

ADR Stage: S6 M10 16 Faders 5 Knob – Pro Tools HDX

“We knew that going forward we needed the newest, longest lasting infrastructure and that meant we needed the S6 over legacy equipment (ICON). Having an easy module swap means that our internal engineering department can quickly solve 99% of any issues.”

Doug Higgins

“For specific features the S6 is more appealing than the ICON. For example the ergonomics; the encoder depth and fader width and being able to reach everything. The fader quality too – mixers are always commenting on how great they feel (compared to ICON). The modularity has allowed us to change the order of the knobs to the second position versus the process module – and we’re not locked into it.”

Chris Reynolds

Directors of Audio Services

Deluxe Hollywood