Dancing with the Stars

Dancing with the Stars

Hollywood, USA

Broadcast – VENUE | S6L (x2)

J. Mark King, freelance audio mixer and co-owner of KMK Audio, at his new S6L purchased from Jan Landy at SoundBroker.com

King mixes all the on-stage instruments for 'Dancing with the Stars' from a customized trailer outside the studio and feeds his mix into the network’s broadcast mix, while his business partner Gerald 'Butch' McKarge mixes monitors on a second S6L in the theater itself

“I have a lot of show files and snapshots from the Profile and I knew that I could save a lot of time and trouble transferring EQs, gain structure and other settings to the S6L, as opposed to starting from scratch. With the S6L, there’s a warmth there that’s different from the Profile. It’s certainly punchy too—the sound is really exceptional. I also think there’s an important ‘bang for the buck’ aspect of VENUE—both the Profile and now the new S6L—that’s very attractive. You get an awful lot for your money. “

J. Mark King – freelance audio mixer for Dancing with the Stars and co-owner of KMK Audio


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