Elvis Costello Tour

Elvis Costello

Engineers: Fern Alvarez, Jr. (FOH), Steve McCale (Monitors)

Concert Touring – VENUE | S6L (x2)

Alvarez and McCale are mixing the Elvis Costello tour with dual networked S6L systems sharing I/O over Ethernet AVB

Fern Alvarez, Jr. at front of house (photo courtesy of Clive Young @ Pro Sound News)

Steve McCale at monitors (photo courtesy of Clive Young @ Pro Sound News)

“The sound quality’s great, which means my workflow is easier in a lot of ways, because the things that I turn on sound good, and I don’t have much feedback. In just a matter of about four or five layouts I’ve got my whole world ultimately where I want it, and I can quickly dive into troubleshoot mode and go right down into one-to-one and fix anything I want and pop right back into mix mode, and I’m gliding along—it’s pretty freaking amazing!”

Steve McCale – monitor engineer for Elvis Costello, Elton John, U2, Steve Miller Band