Craig Bauer – HINGE – Los Angeles

Music S6 M40 System

S6 M40 24 Faders 9 Knob with Displays – S6 LegFrame – Pro Tools HDX system

“A little over a year ago, I made the decision to move HINGE studios and my mixing/producing business from Chicago to Los Angeles. Right about the same time Avid had announced the new S6 console. After previewing the console, it was immediately evident to me that S6 was the perfect amalgamation of the Euphonix consoles and the (Avid) ICON. As an early adopter of both of those consoles I was excited about the possibilities…

The touch screen in the center of the console is a very attractive feature for me and I love quick and highly visual access I have to my tracks and parameters right in front of me. But the key to the improvement in my workflow lies in the custom layouts, programmable Softkey functions, and scrolling waveforms. With the touch of a button I can have any predetermined set of tracks populate the console instantly he way I want them laid out and always see what’s coming on any track with the scrolling waveforms right above the channel. 

Gone are the days of having to constantly scroll around my computer screen to see what’s where and when it’s coming. It’s a massive time saver. When I add in all of my most used functions programmed into the Softkeys, S6 becomes and extension of my creative process and not just a piece of technology.

The speed, and fun factor of mixing has increased exponentially. The best work I’ve done to date has been on S6.”   

 Craig Bauer

Mixer & Producer