Jain Tour


Engineers: Derya Uzun (FOH), Johan Milet (Monitors)

Concert Touring – VENUE | S6L (x2)

Dual S6L's with shared I/O at FOH and monitors supplied by Solotech for French singer-songwriter Jain

Derya Uzun at FOH wrapping up Jain's North American tour in New York City

As a previous user of Profile and Avid Pro Tools, I’m so happy with the S6L. Avid has made a huge improvement on the sound quality—the preamps are better and sound terrific! The snapshots and the events capabilities are really powerful and make the workflow so much easier. In addition to that, Virtual Soundcheck allow me to refine the show with all the great-sounding AAX plug-ins available. S6L is the console of the future for me!”

Derya Uzun, FOH Engineer for Jain


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